Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thai Food

Recently my niece Chelsia started working with my family at our flooring company, and we share an office. I am pretty sure she has been bored to tears (physically) at least once. At least she gets to look forward to being around dad and I every day.

Dad: Hey kid, what the hell are you eating?
Chels: Thai food.
Dad: What? Cat food?
Chels: No! Thai food.
Dad: *blinks*
Chels: THAI FOOD. 
Dad: Huh? Stef, what is she trying to say to me?
Me: Thai food, dad. THAI food. You know, Thailand/ T-H-A-I.
Dad: Oh, so, ok.
Guess she could be eating a cat. (ok I may have said that last line... but I know dad was thinking it).

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adeline Decides Recap #FOUR

Business as usual over here. Since Recap #THREE we have been pretty busy doing important stuff. Like building big forts and sleeping in them:

 Family Fort Night was wildly successful according to Adeline. The mister and I have to disagree, we slept terribly. We also had to keep up with her waking every few hours to cry because she forgot she was in a fort, and then had to change positions.

 Bacon found a crack in the fort walls for them to peek out of. 

 Everybody together now! Awwwwwwwwwww.

  Bacon seems to be oblivious to the fact that his partner in crime is total lunatic. Total. 

Adeline took a trip to her first buffet. As we can see in the photo she made this particular selection after eating a plate full of random crap (I want to say majority black olives and ham). Dessert was an interesting assortment of jello, pudding, grapes, and gummi bears. Yummmm  ?

Still can't decide if this is the look of a full belly, or of total regret. 

       Over the weekend I (Junk Drunk Jones) was working an antique show, because that's my gig these days. After visiting with me she decided to take her dad for a little tour around the show. She found an old guy who sells cowboy hats and saddles and decided to take them for a test drive. I am extremely happy to report neither of those actually made it to our home.

But this did:

She took her first trip to Ikea with her dad and after playing Goldilocks and trying out all the beds she snagged the lovely fish pillow for our house. She says it is for our couch. It is THREE AND A HALF FEET LONG. And shiny. Thank baby jesus Ikea doesn't have an entire line of fish decor (yet). 

Here's the Goldilocks shenanigans:

Picking out extremely weird couch cushions can be exhausting. 

       For all of you who are exceedingly jealous of our new couch cushion I am pleased to let you know that you too, can own one. You can find out how to purchase your very own here. I am going to say it is probably for a very limited time only, these bad boys are going to go fast. 
*Correction: Ikea's website says available in store only. I bet that is so they can limit how many you purchase at a time. They have to ration this kind of crap out you know. My kid is a visionary, and is probably just ahead of the fish decor craze before it explodes. Hurry.
Thanks for recapping with us. 

Want to know what we are up to? We are letting our toddler make decisions, for her health and well being (or something like that). You can read all about it here and here

Monday, March 17, 2014

Luck of the Irish?

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I would like to provide a little proverb I heard from my father recently.
Let me start this by saying that my parents are a great source for really wacky sayings. Some are true blue southern sayings, and the rest I am fairly certain they just make up as they go. Some of the traditional stuff follows along the lines of: "colder than a well digger's ass" or "madder than an ol' wet hen" occasionally something is "rough as a cob", etc.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not immune to using the oldies but goodies, and I've been known to come up with a few odd lines myself.

When asking my dad how someone we knew happened to be so lucky all the time he found an interesting adage for me in the recesses of his mind. He could have just said "some people are just born lucky". Instead I got this:
"Some people can take a dump, fall in it, and wind up covered in gold. The rest of us? Well, we just wind up covered in shit".

Happy St. Patrick's Day, may you all wind up covered in GOLD today.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adeline Decides - Recap #Three

So far so good with our little experiment. We are one month down, five (or more) to go.  I am realizing this recap that I should have taken more pictures. Ah well.

The vegetables I mentioned she selected from our Farm to Fork CSA program were delicious. She did well:
She ate half of that broccoli the first day. Let's just say that the resulting sounds and smells that venture produced she got from her father...

She decided this week it was prime time to start doing her own makeup, she was channeling her inner Frida Kahlo and only used my black eyeshadow to create this look:

She selected her outfit for preschool picture day:
She looks thrilled right? Pffffffftt.

My dad decided to teach her the art of being still and taking a nap:

She decided to call shenanigans and just moments later:

Adeline - 1                My dad - 0

On the topic of naps, we sort of let her decide to no longer take naps. NO MORE NAPS?! I would have laughed straight in my own face if I heard that this would be a consequence of my little experiment less than one month into the project. It was painful for me at first because I am a routine, overly organzied, go by the schedule, complete freakazoid. We transitioned from full on naps to "quiet time" in her room because she was too occupied to fall asleep, to not even trying to go there and fight with her to rest. There have been a few slip ups where she has dozed off against her wishes to stay awake, and a few car naps but that is about it these days.

BUT guess what? Bedtime is an absolute dream now. She falls asleep instantly. No more hopping up, water requests, extra stories, multiple fruitless bathroom trips, lost stuffed animal retrievals, *and enter here any and all other wacky requests we've heard her come up with to prolong bedtime. She also sleeps in later in the mornings, giving me time to get some stuff done around the house.
I would have happily traded nap time in a long time ago if I had known.

I didn't have any life decisions to make this week. She did get to select a few outfits and my hairstyle the other day though. She decided to select a hair band, and pigtails for me. Done and done:

If you want to know more about our little Adeline Decides project/get caught up on what we are doing for the next 5 months you can see all of the goodies here.