Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Seriously serious

So, yea I have been taken away to the land of baby everything, as to be expected! But I am going to try my damndest to post when I can - and not have this become the typical mommy blog with stories about mushy baby stuff and how little Adeline used the potty and what not (unless it is really freakin hilarious, then bear with me).

One thing I must say I have been doing lately is taking myself waaaay to seriously. Being a new mom I am slightly clueless, yet trying to do a lot "by the book" (what book? eh who knows).

The other day I was riding around in the back of my own car, being chauffeured around by my mother so I could watch Adeline sleep in her car seat (see, taking things way too seriously). We were running a ton of stupid errands too. Damn being a grown up! I was eating a banana in my backseat while grumbling about going to pay our water bill, going to the bank, contemplating paying the IRS much more than I ever wanted to...etc.

It was then time to dispose of the banana peeling. Now, for some reason I always feel like when I toss a banana peel, an apple core or whatever fruit debris - that I am littering. Obviously I am not, but I hate to throw anything out the car window.

So I roll the window down half way, I toss. I watch gravity do its job as the car is travelling a good 40 mph. The air catches the tentacle like banana peeling, but to my surprise it abruptly whips it right back into the vehicle... the strip like tentacles now dearly clinging to my shoulder and face like and angry octopus! I scream and claw frantically to rip the peeling from my face and hurl it back out the window all the while mashing the window up button with wreckless abandon. Luckily toss take 2 was a success.

I then look around to see if anyone witnessed this terrifying episode, naturally no one was around and mom wasn't paying attention, but I was laughing so damn hard at myself at that point that I had to tell her. It then occured to me. I have been taking myself way too seriously. You can only do that for so long before you realize it just isn't any fun.

Are you taking yourself too seriously? go smack yourself in the face with a banana peeling - it will do wonders for your ego.