Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shame on me

For not posting in like weeks. What the crap right?

I have been busy being unnecessarily busy(or U.B. from here on because typing unnecessarily is well, unnecessary and ridiculously long).

And if you are over the age of 18, and have any inkling of a responsible adult life you can relate. Being U.B. happens to the best of us. Especially when you have family nearby (or mooch-y friends). They plan parties and all sorts of well wish/bring me your money or gifts type events. And they generally try to corral you in for assistance in planning or setting up their lovely shindigs.

When they aren't screwing up your weekends you can find them calling for petty requests like what was the number for the guy who fixed your ac unit last year, or what the name of that recipe was with those ingredients that you have no idea what they are talking about. And it is typically when you are so damn busy doing other things (like legitimately working at your place of employment) that you just want to tell them that they can find that guys number, and that famous recipe by taking the telephone and shoving it up their ass.

The remedy for U.B.? Clearly I have none to suggest because it is taking over my life right now. I am attempting to supplement my own plans and aspirations into my short lived weekends. But so far no good on thwarting my relatives and acquaintances. I guess that is what I get for wanting to be selfish! At least once the kid gets here I have a better excuse for not wanting to plan and set up their shower-birthday bash-brunch-coming in party-going out party-what have you... Yay for the tiny little person growing inside of my uterus!

What is your remedy for U.B.?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go Count Yourself!

While being our usual ridiculous selves in the hotel room this weekend at Dragon Con , my sister, niece, and a friend were having a good ol time making each other laugh. You know after a long trip or weekend with friends there are bound to be numerous inside jokes made, theme songs designated, and the like... Well this ladies and gentlemen, would be our song:

watered down Dragon Con 2010

Why do I say this Dcon was "watered down" ? Because this was my first Dragon Con completely sober. I barely made it out alive! I know that it is tougher to hike around in combat boots when you are lugging a person around in your uterus, but good god that was one hell of a weekend!

I did get to see a lot of stuff that I don't always get to see though. I got to talk to a lot of artists and see a lot of panels that blew my mind. I bought some kick ass artwork from said artists. I had met one of the talented artists at the paranormal conference we went to a few months back - Paulina Cassidy. One day I will be a proud owner of one of her sweet tarot decks! But for now I have this:It is called ' A Kiss for Each Tiny Dragon' How perfect! I have 3 dragons( the pups) and Adeline can be my 4th little dragon.
Speaking of which, I even picked up some gear for Ms.Adeline (like a spectacular monster onesie from this guy. Along with some borderline creepy children's books, and a wonder woman onesie).

All in all it was a great weekend, and I got to crash in my sister's hotel room - which wasn't a bad deal at all! I don't think the amount of awesome costumes and general crazy pageantry will last me for the next 365 days, but that's alright - there is always next time! And next time will may be accompanied by a little drinky drinky ;)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My early days as a cryptozoologist.

While getting my hair done at my aunt's salon yesterday I learned a few things about myself. Mainly? I was a ridiculously funny child. My aunt was telling me story after story of the shenanigans I got myself (and those around me) into.

As you can learn from a previous post - I spent a lot of weekends camping in Alabama. I didn't really have anyone my age to play with as I grew up. My sister is 16 years older than I am, and all the cousins were closer to her age. So I either had to entertain myself, or con the closest adult into partaking in my antics.

One of my favorite pastimes at our lake front property was simple...I liked to slay all of the dragons that were lurking in the trees. All dainty little girls do that right? right?? I would round up the nearest adult and tell them they were to help me capture and slay all of the nearby dragons.

Catching the dragons was the easy part-or so I told everyone. You leave food out for them, duh!
What do dragons eat? To my 4 year old mind that was easy too - they eat artichokes.. aka pine cones.. they look the same to those stupid stupid dragons. Who knows how I actually "killed" the imaginary buggers, but stories like this show me how crazy our kid could possibly be.

One night after a long day of slaying these beasts I was sitting on the dock with my aunt. The only light was a tiny sliver of moonlight. Soon we spotted something out in the water. It was really long, slow moving, and had a seemingly curvy/slick body.
My aunt: "Uhhhh what the heck is that?!"
4 yr old me: "IT'S A DRAGON!!!!!"
My aunt: : "No really, that thing is huge, we should get back to the camper."
4 yr old me: "DRAGON -DRAGON - DRAGON!!! I told you they were real!"
---just before my aunt scoops me up to haul me away from this weird thing in the water...
Creature: "Quack! Quack! Quack!"
Yup, a line up of large ducks fooled us for sure that night.

I still catch myself watching shows like Monsterquest and Destination Truth and going, wow that is cool-What if???

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adeline Lily

Well, after a long and strenuous ultrasound session we discovered our little devil is a girl.

Little lady had her legs crossed pretty much the whole time (which is great if she continues to do that until she is, oh, 30 years old). But we shook her up enough to discover she is in fact a little lady, and she proceeded to do some funny stuff.

First she kinda gave a good fist pump. Then we got a shot of her sucking her thumb. I guess all of the commotion startled her into a hiccup session next. All in all it was pretty freakin awesome - with pictures and a dvd to boot (had no idea they did the dvd stuff).

It is becoming more and more of a reality. Kind of scary, but the thought of what a hilarious and amazing mess this kid will be overrides the scary crap. She will have no choice but to be awesome like us. Right?