Thursday, July 15, 2010

Prefers to travel with her own baggage.

So, a few months ago we traveled to the Emerald Isle for the coolest vacation I have ever been on. When we got off the plane we realized we had misplaced all of our directions, reservations, plans etc... We laughed it off and went on to have the best trip ever. All the details and bullshit? We didn't need any of it anyways.

Now we are gearing up for our big trip to Canada. It is the hubby's grandma's 90th birthday. I have yet to meet a lot of the relatives who live in Canada. I am going to get to see where his childhood years were spent. Initially I was skeptical that a big trip with his family would work (we had a bit of a tiff with his mom months prior to planning). We weren't speaking, so I didn't see how this would pan out.

Because-we are days away from boarding the plane and I am in total freak out mode. I (along with the 4 others travelling with me) have received an easy 10 pages worth of instructions regarding the trip. Everything from what to pack, to how to call a shuttle. Interesting enough I am the youngest one travelling at 24 years old. I can't wrap my head around why/how a fun "vacation" with mature adults has now turned into the biggest cluster fuck disaster so fast.

I think there is a reason we lost all of our plans back in Ireland. The universe was trying to tell me that not every minute of my life has to be on paper and happen as you think it should. I loved that change, and have implemented it back at home. Exploring the island my husband called home should have been the same way. An adventure every day. But now? It is plagued with a minute by minute itinerary chock full of rules and instructions. I am now nervous to pack my own fucking suitcase, for fear I will have skipped one of the many things on one of the many lists. Of course, the ones I am travelling with are used to this and advise time and time again to ignore her and delete whatever emails come through. But as a former over organizer who loves to comply with everyone it is damn near impossible for me to not hang the book of instructions around my neck with a highlighter marking things off as I go. (Hoping someone will think I am a lost child in the airport terminal and help me on my way-take me home with you!!!). Maybe on the front sheet I can put : If found, please send back to Georgia.

(the husband may kill me for airing some of this dirty laundry, but I seriously had to get some of it off my chest or he will never take me on a trip again-which is fine esp if it is a family vacation! oi)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wanna hear a real vampire story?

The doc took 5 entire vials of blood from me today. Which would have been all good, except for one thing. I had never in my life had to give up blood until today. So when the lady walked in and both hands were full of clear little containers I got a bit antsy.

But I was a total trooper. I didn't get a sticker, but my man friend took me to cracker barrel after to celebrate.

Besides, he was ecstatic because he got to see our little monkey baby today too. We have quite a dancer on our hands already (and it's only 9.5 weeks old) Great. I won't be posting ultrasound pictures at any point during my pregnancy...not here...not anywhere.
I think it is 100% totally ridiculous that women post that crap on social networking sites. I don't need 500+ people checking that out. Just the idea of how that picture was taken = not cool for some people you never ever talk to (or don't know at all). No thanks. People don't post colonoscopy photos, and it is basically the same concept. So if anyone bugs me about not posting-I will tell them to shove a camera up their ass, post the pics, and see how they feel. A little violated? Alright then..

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diversity in the restaurant industry.

While the husband and I were driving to work this morning (yea, we work together too) We noticed that a new restaurant was opening soon, and the banner just said "Hibachi Buffet-Coming Soon!"

We talked for a minute about how we love hibachi, and i'm eating for two so the buffet idea was intriguing. All I can eat fried rice hibachi style? hell yes. Then we were taking stabs at what the name of the place might be. He guessed they may just leave it at Hibachi Buffet. Then I reminded him that Asian entrepreneurs know better than that. They will add a combination of Super, Jumbo, or Mega in front of that title. Or all three, Super Jumbo Mega Hibachi Buffet. For some reason they like to find every synonym possible for fucking huge, and throw that in to entice us fat Americans.

Then all of this reminded me of hispanic joints. Not the mexican restaurants that open for other mexicans (which actually have legitimate spanish names) But the mexican restaurants that open for the dumb Americans. You know, like El Burrito. The burrito? Really guys? Do you see us opening restaurants that serve american dishes and call it The Hamburger?or The Boring Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Of course not.

I guess that is all I have to say about that.