Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dream Sharing

The title suggests something fanciful and fun. However, what happened at 5:00 am this morning was neither fanciful or fun.

I was having a pretty vivid dream, I was in a building (possibly my house) and I saw a large spider, so I got a can of bug spray and sprayed it. The spider then turned into dozens and dozens of smaller spiders that then jumped on me and started crawling all over me (disgusting right?). I am then trying to frantically brush them and throw them off of my body.
All of a sudden I woke up from the bad dream to Adeline screaming and crying at the top of the stairs. Which was a welcome reprieve from the spider attack that was going on in my mind. 

I quickly ran up the stairs to see what was wrong and all she was saying was "Mommy! Get the spiders off of me!" and was swatting at her legs and crying. I picked her up and asked her to try to tell me what was going on and she then realized she was dreaming and that there weren't physically any spiders on her body and she said, "It was a very bad dream the spiders are everywhere". I of course told her I was having a bad dream too, and was totally freaked out at that point that all of this is going down.

I also told her that I would sleep the rest of the night with her in her bed and we could make sure that the spiders and bad dreams stay away. We get tucked in and she says, "let's hold hands because we are best friends". Off to sleep land we went.

Has anyone else ever had this happen before? I don't know if every detail was the same for her because she didn't exactly explain through all the crying every little part of it, and I sure wasn't going to ask her to keep talking about it.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Adeline Decides - Recap Dos

I am realizing that the blog is turning into recap posts only. My apologies. It's a big experiment so it is taking up a lot of our time.

If you are new you can catch up by clicking HERE.

If you are not new, and you have actually read the garbage exceptional material that I type - congrats and high five for being awesome. There were some close calls this week with Adeline being the captain of the ship better known as my life. Now for some highlights.

I let her order my sushi:

I let her pick our Spring wardrobes. We took a trip to Target for a pair of flip flops. A PAIR. 2.5 hours and an undisclosed amount of dollars later and she and I both have lots (and lots) of new threads. I did direct her to the sale sections so that helped. She even nabbed this dress which she claims is hers, but that I can borrow when I need it. So sweet. It is pretty isn't it? I would love to wear it this week but Ms. Georgia Weather is being the usual bi-polar bitch that she is and I can't quite wear it yet because of another "cold snap". Blah.
 Disregard the demon and dead guy as part of the backdrop.

She decided on how to fill a lot of our free time this week, and that consisted of lots of craft projects and operating of large motor vehicles:

She almost had the liberty of deciding what the next household pet would be. I am not sure why she thinks the three absolutely insane dogs she already has aren't sufficient, but she really thought outside of the box this time. She requested a pet bat ( I blame the Great Mouse Detective). I made a few futile attempts to talk her out of such a crazy idea, one being a trip over to Pinterest to show her that bats are ugly and creepy. Um, that blew up in my face when we came across:


I know right? The kid is onto something.
I was at that point convinced that we did indeed, need a pet bat. Thanks to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Wildlife Division for taking the wind out of everyone's sails. According to their handy dandy website we now know that will not be able to obtain such a pet, legally. Thanks a lot rules. You can see the list of things we are not allowed to have as pets by going  here. I think maybe some permits would fix that? But apparently bats are expensive, and you need to buy like, a whole slew of them (I think the technical term is a "colony"). Hindsight, acquiring a "colony" of an exotic species does seem like a bit of an undertaking.Totally a project that will happen should we win the lottery. We will have a full staff to tend to the colony. *sigh and end daydream*

Oh and she also selected our vegetable list for the week. We placed our first grocery order for farm fresh goods through Farm to Fork CSA. 
It was a pretty successful week for -Adeline decides-.

*Sidenote: When my dad brought home that pet turkey when I was little, that was apparently a big no-no too according to the exotic pet list. You can read about that debacle here.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adeline Decides Recap Uno

As promised, there are some recaps from the past week that we are sharing with you now.

I mentioned in the last blog post that I intend to let my 3 year old make my decisions for me for the next 6 months. She did a bang up job this recap. Let's see, we spent much of last week snowed in so by the end of all that none of us wanted to make any decisions. We did eventually escape and it was a joint effort on her part and her dad to choose to go to the comic book store.

During our snowpocalypse Adeline decided to partake in some of my work endeavors. She is now the star of my Junk Drunk Jones YouTube channel. 

I have a sneaking suspicion my future Pick of the Week posts will be like this, and feature her goofy self. Sidenote - she selected the wardrobes for both of us for this video.

We also had a family dinner tonight where she picked the menu. See:
 You will note that in the photo you can also see my 30 year old husband's beautiful blue manicure compliments of the child as well. Real men wear nail polish! Remember that ladies.
 The little dear decided to have her cake, and lick it too.
Pretty cool cake my sister had made for the family dinner!

So far no regrets with the little experiment we have going. Stay tuned for the next recap! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Adeline Decides. An Introduction.

It all started with the plague.
Intense right? So yea, Adeline brought the plague home from preschool. She wound up with a few mere sniffles whilst I was sulking around the house in a near death state. I woke up from our nap on Wednesday with a fever to be reckoned with. I thought to myself "dinner is just too difficult to fathom right now" and  I looked around for a solution. And there sat Adeline.
I politely asked, "Adeline, mommy is on fire, what should we have for dinner?". She mulled it over and explained that we should have cereal and fruit. Ahhhhh cold foods, I was sold. She is a genius, and my thoughts snowballed from there.

So yesterday I had posted the following:
"Being an adult sucks. I've decided to let my 3 year old make all of my decisions for me. From business moves to wardrobe choices. This could get interesting!"
So, until further notice, I will be directing my burning questions about life and the universe that require a decision to the care of this completely competent and totally normal 3 year old:

I couldn't be more serious. I think I would like to adopt this method of living for at least 6 months. I think she and I could learn a lot from it. 

There are several reasons why I think this is going to work swimmingly:
  • Making decisions is easy for her. Her quick wit and matter-of-factness is impressive.
  • She is smarter than I am. Where I lack in certain areas Brett makes up for it, and she is proving to be a damn close 50/50 split of both of our personalities and brains. Terrifying right?
  • I feel that it will help build her confidence, making decisions without second guessing herself. 
  • It will help me loosen up and worry less about the little stuff. I am a certified worry wort.
  • If everyone becomes aware of this arrangement I have made I can use it for excuses to get out of stuff I would really prefer to not do. Ok, that one is a bit selfish. Maybe I won't do that. Disregard. Carry on.
  • It will teach us both a lot about creativity, cooperation, and compromise. You know, in case she tries to dress me in a bathing suit for a business meeting. I don't look forward to wearing a bathing suit under my clothing in order to honor her decision, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.  
  • It will teach us both to trust each other. When she starts learning that I trust her it will also boost her confidence.
Obviously I have to set up the choices for her decisions in some cases (she hasn't quite mastered mind reading yet). She can't necessarily pick a dinner item that we don't have in our kitchen or easily access. I also can't facilitate any decisions such as "don't go to work today". I do want to honor her choices, but feeding her and paying our bills during this process is also fairly important. 

I will do periodic recaps on the blog here. Along with photographic evidence of things like wardrobe choices, meal plans, daily itinerary adjustments, and who knows what else. 

I will start with today, she not only chose my outfit from head to toe but held my phone steady enough to capture her excellent style:
Not bad right? One of my favorite shirts, so I was super impressed. She also picked all 3 meals for she and I. She ate better/more per meal than she has in a month. If I feel that at any point in our little experiment she is getting tired of making decisions I will cut back and limit when necessary. She seems to think it is loads of fun so far. I haven't told her point blank what I am doing because I fear telling the little dear that "you are in control and can destroy me for the next 6 months" would probably not be one of my better ideas. 

What do you think? Would you let a 3 year old make any decisions for you?