Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hero in a Half Shell, Turtle Power!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my dad.

I like to call him the resident ninja. With the GA heat going on it's 5th steady month you can catch him in this awesome gear daily. As you can see from the red arrows I have highlighted the ninja headband, and a shirt pocket which houses items like: ninja throwing stars, mini samurai swords, and other warrior weaponry (I'm sure).

I always tell everyone that he actually makes these headbands out of old towels and cloth, which makes him much more legit as a ninja warrior.

Close friends and relatives have seen him in the gear so often that they have joked that they will find (or create) baby ninja headbands for our little one. This way Baby Jones and Grandpa can fight crime, or cut the grass, whatever...together.

If you wish to be half as awesome as my old man you can attempt to create your own head band by going here. Even if you have no crimes to fight, you can wear this versatile ensemble like dad does - while washing the cars, mowing the lawn, grilling know, "the tough jobs that somebody has to do."

If he found out I posted this photo on the internet he might just scissor kick my head off. I still don't know if he realizes I even took the photo with my phone. Love you dad!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't drink the water.

I noticed this morning (well, I counted this morning) and there are 22 other ladies that I graduated with that are pregnant. Whoa. Some of them on their 2nd, and 3rd child (at the age of 23 and 24?! are you on crack?!)
-That doesn't include the handful of relatives of mine that are about to have/just had a bundle of joy too. Not their first either-like 2nd child, 4th child, hell even 5th child. Granted, I am the last of the grandchildren to be having a baby of my own - but I came into the family really freakin late!

My social circle, and family circle, will soon be full of little runts. I hope that mine can stand out from the crowd!

I guess the good thing about this is during practices, school functions, etc... I will know plenty of the moms! Bad side? I didn't really hang out with them in high school, so now instead of a commonality being "I dated your boyfriend/we wore the same prom dress" it will now be "I once dated your husband, oh, and we both pushed a person out of our uterus." Still not really grounds for best buddy status. I am just sooo glad that Mr. Jones was no where near my high school at any point, so some of the above statements won't be my case.

I am also hoping that the baby will grow to be huge like it's daddy, so that when the children of the asshats from high school give my kiddo trouble they can just mow them over and go about their day.

I will admit that I am actually friends with a few preggo ladies right now, A FEW.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You want to do what?

I think one thing that I will never fully understand is why people plan their "dream wedding" in the summer (and outside)? Now, if anyone ever reads this please understand - I reside in GA, and it is currently reading 101 degrees on my car thermometer. We have had some 50 odd days of 90 degrees and a row. No rest for the weary here.

The dream wedding. Are people sick enough to have fantasy dreams about miserable guests sitting under an unforgiving sun while they strain to hear your I do's? Meanwhile the wedding party is attempting at all costs not to pass out from heat exhaustion and ruin your bouquets? And the tuxedos! Black tuxedos layer upon layer of clothes. That is probably where the phrase "Sweating your balls off" came from - some poor schmuck who was in a summer wedding.

A wedding is a wedding is a wedding - so of course it is a beautiful thing. It just baffles me that people still do that here in the deep south during the summer.

*I will be in a wedding this weekend, which is why I am even thinking about all of this right now. Of course I may be a bit bitter because I am 4 months pregnant and the thought of trying to zip that bridesmaids dress up has me a bit antsy.*

Monday, August 9, 2010

To new beginnings

I am happy to announce that as of yesterday afternoon- I get to start a brand new adventure within our paranormal crew. I am now the director of EPGA.

Now, I am not a title hungry kind of gal, but I knew that nominating myself to be the director would allow me to really use my creative noggin to get things going for us. I knew that with the death of COL I would be able to use that energy for the paranormal group. The projects and ideas are endless.

But, at the end of the day I know that I really genuinely love what we have been doing for years. Talking to people about the field really is an great feeling because a lot of people don't understand how or why we do what we do-and getting to explain the awesomeness is well, Awesome.

The best part? My new partner in crime/Assistant Director is an amazing lady too. May we have a very successful year!