Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hero in a Half Shell, Turtle Power!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my dad.

I like to call him the resident ninja. With the GA heat going on it's 5th steady month you can catch him in this awesome gear daily. As you can see from the red arrows I have highlighted the ninja headband, and a shirt pocket which houses items like: ninja throwing stars, mini samurai swords, and other warrior weaponry (I'm sure).

I always tell everyone that he actually makes these headbands out of old towels and cloth, which makes him much more legit as a ninja warrior.

Close friends and relatives have seen him in the gear so often that they have joked that they will find (or create) baby ninja headbands for our little one. This way Baby Jones and Grandpa can fight crime, or cut the grass, whatever...together.

If you wish to be half as awesome as my old man you can attempt to create your own head band by going here. Even if you have no crimes to fight, you can wear this versatile ensemble like dad does - while washing the cars, mowing the lawn, grilling know, "the tough jobs that somebody has to do."

If he found out I posted this photo on the internet he might just scissor kick my head off. I still don't know if he realizes I even took the photo with my phone. Love you dad!