Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adeline Lily

Well, after a long and strenuous ultrasound session we discovered our little devil is a girl.

Little lady had her legs crossed pretty much the whole time (which is great if she continues to do that until she is, oh, 30 years old). But we shook her up enough to discover she is in fact a little lady, and she proceeded to do some funny stuff.

First she kinda gave a good fist pump. Then we got a shot of her sucking her thumb. I guess all of the commotion startled her into a hiccup session next. All in all it was pretty freakin awesome - with pictures and a dvd to boot (had no idea they did the dvd stuff).

It is becoming more and more of a reality. Kind of scary, but the thought of what a hilarious and amazing mess this kid will be overrides the scary crap. She will have no choice but to be awesome like us. Right?


  1. She is totally going to be the most awesome kid on the block, hon! Because she'll have the most awesome, amazing, coolest parents EVAH!

  2. You are too kind! As long as she is as cool as your kiddos are we will be fine :)