Thursday, September 9, 2010

watered down Dragon Con 2010

Why do I say this Dcon was "watered down" ? Because this was my first Dragon Con completely sober. I barely made it out alive! I know that it is tougher to hike around in combat boots when you are lugging a person around in your uterus, but good god that was one hell of a weekend!

I did get to see a lot of stuff that I don't always get to see though. I got to talk to a lot of artists and see a lot of panels that blew my mind. I bought some kick ass artwork from said artists. I had met one of the talented artists at the paranormal conference we went to a few months back - Paulina Cassidy. One day I will be a proud owner of one of her sweet tarot decks! But for now I have this:It is called ' A Kiss for Each Tiny Dragon' How perfect! I have 3 dragons( the pups) and Adeline can be my 4th little dragon.
Speaking of which, I even picked up some gear for Ms.Adeline (like a spectacular monster onesie from this guy. Along with some borderline creepy children's books, and a wonder woman onesie).

All in all it was a great weekend, and I got to crash in my sister's hotel room - which wasn't a bad deal at all! I don't think the amount of awesome costumes and general crazy pageantry will last me for the next 365 days, but that's alright - there is always next time! And next time will may be accompanied by a little drinky drinky ;)

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