Thursday, September 2, 2010

My early days as a cryptozoologist.

While getting my hair done at my aunt's salon yesterday I learned a few things about myself. Mainly? I was a ridiculously funny child. My aunt was telling me story after story of the shenanigans I got myself (and those around me) into.

As you can learn from a previous post - I spent a lot of weekends camping in Alabama. I didn't really have anyone my age to play with as I grew up. My sister is 16 years older than I am, and all the cousins were closer to her age. So I either had to entertain myself, or con the closest adult into partaking in my antics.

One of my favorite pastimes at our lake front property was simple...I liked to slay all of the dragons that were lurking in the trees. All dainty little girls do that right? right?? I would round up the nearest adult and tell them they were to help me capture and slay all of the nearby dragons.

Catching the dragons was the easy part-or so I told everyone. You leave food out for them, duh!
What do dragons eat? To my 4 year old mind that was easy too - they eat artichokes.. aka pine cones.. they look the same to those stupid stupid dragons. Who knows how I actually "killed" the imaginary buggers, but stories like this show me how crazy our kid could possibly be.

One night after a long day of slaying these beasts I was sitting on the dock with my aunt. The only light was a tiny sliver of moonlight. Soon we spotted something out in the water. It was really long, slow moving, and had a seemingly curvy/slick body.
My aunt: "Uhhhh what the heck is that?!"
4 yr old me: "IT'S A DRAGON!!!!!"
My aunt: : "No really, that thing is huge, we should get back to the camper."
4 yr old me: "DRAGON -DRAGON - DRAGON!!! I told you they were real!"
---just before my aunt scoops me up to haul me away from this weird thing in the water...
Creature: "Quack! Quack! Quack!"
Yup, a line up of large ducks fooled us for sure that night.

I still catch myself watching shows like Monsterquest and Destination Truth and going, wow that is cool-What if???


  1. You know me, hon. I'm right there with you! For me, it was all about the Mothman of Point Pleasant, WV or the Braxton County Monster, also of West Virginia. We are the rare breed who run TO the monsters, not away. :)

  2. This is true, we are pretty rare (or weird)haha.

  3. you were exposed to Hell Raiser at a really early age to, i'm convinced it warped ya a little