Wednesday, March 31, 2010

humiliation is overrated.

some pretty embarrassing, or down right silly facts about myself:

-I was a member of the FFA in highschool.
-The only wreck I have ever been in involved Me, my flaming PT Cruiser in reverse, and a tree in my mom's yard.
-I threw up on a total strangers foot on my 21st birthday, which was followed by me hitting my head on a toilet.
-I am, and always have been, deathly afraid to swim under water.
-I accidentally honk my car horn all the time.
-I broke both of my arms, my nose, and my glasses simply by falling out of a swing. TALENT.
-While being a "bad ass" and getting my first tattoo the artist had to stop after 5 minutes so I could throw up and nearly pass out. Bad ass indeed...

More to follow sometime in the future.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To make a baby or not to make a baby. That is the question.

Well, really that isn't a question for Mr. Jones and I, but when to - is.

I am finding it interesting that everyone has joked with us for years about having a kid, but once we actually mention that yes we will be starting our family soon - they all pull the "inconvenient for me" card!
They react as if we just told them we were going to shoot them in the leg or something.

"You guys can't, I am not ready for you guys to have a kid" (or: You can't shoot me in the leg, I am not ready!)

"You guys should wait, I am planning a vacation" (or: You can't shoot me in the leg, I am planning a vacation!)

"You guys can't, I am getting married" (or: You can't shoot me in the leg, I am getting married!)

All of the above are statements we have heard from family and friends. UM, What the hell does any of that have to do with me being knocked up?! Riddle me that folks. I guess they will all force me to cut all social networking ties and announce the whole kid thing once it is already here. I wish that were a possibility!

So if anyone close to us winds up with a bullet in the leg, everyone will know why. Don't f*ck with my plans people, I am trying to make a baby here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

day two for twosday

Killarney National Park - Day 2
This unbelievable park was about a 5 minute drive from our townhouse, but we spent an entire day driving through and stopping every few minutes to take pictures. The entire park is 26,000 acres large.

There really aren't any photos that
can do this park justice. I have never experienced anything like it in my

While heading to another stop at the park, we drove up on a sheep farmer with his dog and 30 sheep. We slowed to a stop to allow the rest of the herd to be led up a hill, and while still stopped we watched the entire herd of 30 sheep as they ran full speed back down the hill AT OUR CAR. Brett and I just sat there saying
"Oh shit oh shit oh shit!"
" What do we do?!?!?!?"
They got, maybe, 8 inches from the Barbie car and then split into a v formation and ran right around us. -- Sooooo glad I didn't have to pee.

We followed the adventures at Killarney up with a stop at Foley's Pub for dinner. Pretty sure that the dinner I had would be on my list of possibilities for my death row meal (you know, if I knew I had one last meal to eat on this earth)

We watched a little tv before we went to bed, interesting stuff! They cuss like sailors and I love it. We watched a few minutes of Teens in the Wild (and no that's not dirty!) and it was hilarious to see the girls ranting and warning they "were tinkin' about bloodyin eachoters fookin eyes out" aka.. they were about to smack down some bitches! haha. Never in the states will we be able to cuss on network television. Ah well, I can dream.

and so ended our second day of adventure

Monday, March 22, 2010

Travelling Pants

So I was trying to find the best way to write about the SPECTACULAR trip to Ireland. I think I will spend the next few posts writing about some of the crazy stuff from our trip, accompanied by some photographs of course... I actually kept a journal during our "holiday" because I knew my internet access would be extremely limited.

Travel day- (Sort of day 1)

Dear Hartsfield Airport,

My IQ is dropping... rapidly. Please encourage Continental Airlines to administer some sort of simple exam to new/potential employees. My mutt Agadore Spartacus has better grammar, and has a wider vocabulary than 90% of the employees we have encountered since we arrived in Atlanta. Agadore would also pass your obviously non existent drug test as well.

---We finally get to the lovely Newark NJ, have an ungodly layover and then get on the plane. The oh so fun  male flight attendant made an announcement  - the announcement:
"Gina Pouch...Pooch? You have a package to claim, Gina Pouch."
um, do you mean like vaGINA POUCH?!?!? I believe sir, that you have been punked. Naturally vaGINA Pouch did not claim her package. hahaha

---We land in Shannon, and exchange our money (cried inside at the exchange rate) and got to the Hertz kiosk to rent our car. The guy gave us the option for the "Full Coverage" Insurance which we wanted to deny. We either had a choice to take it for an extra 10euro per day, or they would hold $1,200 on our card until we returned. Die in a fire Hertz. Die in a fire. We took the full and walked out to our parking space:
Brett: What parking space # are we?
Me: 22
Brett: You have got to be shitting me. IT'S F*CKING PINK. THEY GAVE US A PINK CAR!
--I could barely finish carrying my bags I was laughing so hard. Notice I was still cracking up even after I got in the Barbie car.

We then realize we have no directions to where we are going. They are back in GA. Joy. Luckily the Douche at Hertz gave us a life size map of the entire country to use. Entertainment ensued. We get out on the main road and are super confident we got this shit down. Where do we end up? BACK AT THE AIRPORT. Son of a bitch.

We get back on the main road to try this again, and we did fine. We took the long way to where we were going, but we made it. It's a christmas miracle everyone! We did encounter one traffic jam in Limerick, which was caused by 4 horses that got loose. Ha.

We pretty much crashed once we made it to our townhouse in Kenmare. Woke up in time for beer and dinner and that was it. We survived Day 1 (barely!)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This will be the last post I can sneak in before we head to Ireland.
So far I am a mixture of excited and nervous.

Quite simply...I don't get out much. Ha!
As far as travelling goes this is true.
The only times I have left the country it has been with family(ahem my mama!), and just on cruises and stuff like that.

The thought of Brett and I venturing out and figuring out how to get around, having enough Euros to have fun, taking care of all of the odds and ends...well kinda scares me.

I am convinced my parents practiced some form of attachment parenting. Which is all good and well, but I think I got a little too "attached"- so much that the thought of being away from "home" scares the shit out of me. I get homesick super fast and super easy. (for example- we just moved out and on our own...and we are less than 2 miles from mom and dad!) When I was growing up it was so bad that I couldn't even spend the night with friends until I was a teenager! What. a. dork.

Then I met Brett, and later married him - I could tell that the attachment idea transferred over to him. Now if I travel sans husband, I get homesick and freak at the thought of having to leave my new "home" for long. So much to the point that I limit calls to home so that I don't get all mushy emotional.

Let's hope this doesn't happen in Ireland, I will have him there the whole time so the main thing I will get to miss is Agadore Spartacus. Right?