Tuesday, March 30, 2010

To make a baby or not to make a baby. That is the question.

Well, really that isn't a question for Mr. Jones and I, but when to - is.

I am finding it interesting that everyone has joked with us for years about having a kid, but once we actually mention that yes we will be starting our family soon - they all pull the "inconvenient for me" card!
They react as if we just told them we were going to shoot them in the leg or something.

"You guys can't, I am not ready for you guys to have a kid" (or: You can't shoot me in the leg, I am not ready!)

"You guys should wait, I am planning a vacation" (or: You can't shoot me in the leg, I am planning a vacation!)

"You guys can't, I am getting married" (or: You can't shoot me in the leg, I am getting married!)

All of the above are statements we have heard from family and friends. UM, What the hell does any of that have to do with me being knocked up?! Riddle me that folks. I guess they will all force me to cut all social networking ties and announce the whole kid thing once it is already here. I wish that were a possibility!

So if anyone close to us winds up with a bullet in the leg, everyone will know why. Don't f*ck with my plans people, I am trying to make a baby here.


  1. You guys have a baby when you are ready. Its your child and no one else really has a say in it, except maybe God. I have guns and bullets for loan if you need them. The only suggestion I have is to be sure you have spent the time together that you need with each other before bringing baby into the fold. We were married 5 years before we decided to have children. I love my children and have a great time with them, but I also really have alot of great memories of Shannon and I "living" before children to.

  2. Thanks for the ammo offer! haha
    And very valid points to consider! Thanks for the advice.