Thursday, March 4, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This will be the last post I can sneak in before we head to Ireland.
So far I am a mixture of excited and nervous.

Quite simply...I don't get out much. Ha!
As far as travelling goes this is true.
The only times I have left the country it has been with family(ahem my mama!), and just on cruises and stuff like that.

The thought of Brett and I venturing out and figuring out how to get around, having enough Euros to have fun, taking care of all of the odds and ends...well kinda scares me.

I am convinced my parents practiced some form of attachment parenting. Which is all good and well, but I think I got a little too "attached"- so much that the thought of being away from "home" scares the shit out of me. I get homesick super fast and super easy. (for example- we just moved out and on our own...and we are less than 2 miles from mom and dad!) When I was growing up it was so bad that I couldn't even spend the night with friends until I was a teenager! What. a. dork.

Then I met Brett, and later married him - I could tell that the attachment idea transferred over to him. Now if I travel sans husband, I get homesick and freak at the thought of having to leave my new "home" for long. So much to the point that I limit calls to home so that I don't get all mushy emotional.

Let's hope this doesn't happen in Ireland, I will have him there the whole time so the main thing I will get to miss is Agadore Spartacus. Right?

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  1. You will have a great time! Whenever you get homesick, just have a Guinness. :) Can't wait to hear about all your adventures and see your pictures once you're back!