Wednesday, March 31, 2010

humiliation is overrated.

some pretty embarrassing, or down right silly facts about myself:

-I was a member of the FFA in highschool.
-The only wreck I have ever been in involved Me, my flaming PT Cruiser in reverse, and a tree in my mom's yard.
-I threw up on a total strangers foot on my 21st birthday, which was followed by me hitting my head on a toilet.
-I am, and always have been, deathly afraid to swim under water.
-I accidentally honk my car horn all the time.
-I broke both of my arms, my nose, and my glasses simply by falling out of a swing. TALENT.
-While being a "bad ass" and getting my first tattoo the artist had to stop after 5 minutes so I could throw up and nearly pass out. Bad ass indeed...

More to follow sometime in the future.

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