Tuesday, April 6, 2010

shorty mcshortpants

Why being short is cool:
-I can wear really awesome shoes and not tower over my husband.
-I never have to worry about hitting my head on a light fixture
-In some way or another short people are just cute, it's true!
-I can fit in small spaces (which is unfortunate for me on investigations b/c I get put in some creepy places)
-I can do the limbo realllly easily
-I don't have to worry about people looking up my nose
-If I ever got into a fight with a tall person I could totally just run in between their legs and get away.

...ok, so some of those reasons were pretty lame, sorry.

Why being short is not cool:
-I have trouble looking over the counter at the bank
-I can't reach a lot of things in my cabinets and pantry
-bikes, exercise equipment, and office chairs have to be tediously adjusted before I can use them.
-sometimes when I sit on couches my feet don't touch the ground
-It is really hard to climb into big trucks. Or regular trucks for that matter.


  1. Another cool short thingee? Buying clothes. In the kid section. Saving money, baby!

    Oh, and? You won't get stuck in a cave.

    Yeah. I need to put the computer down, don't I?

  2. Nah! I am just glad you came up with some more pros instead of cons!