Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kohl's regime

So I stopped by the local Kohl's yesterday to pick up some sweet new shoes to go with this amazing little dress I bought a few weeks ago.
I may have accidentally picked up a few extra necessary items, but that's neither here nor there so moving along.
I head to the checkout counter, and its the usual hey how are you today exchange. and then...

16 yr old cashier: "Would you like to save 20% today by opening a Kohl's credit card?"

Me: "No thanks"

Cashier: "Do you mind me asking why?"

ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? Of course I mind you nosy twit!

Me: "I really just don't want one, I don't shop here very often"

What I was thinking and keeping to myself was:
"What in the hell is going on in here? Would you like for me to go into an epic explanation of how companies like Kohl's totally rape their card holders in interest rates, and for how "easy" "simple" and "awesome" they may be they can really do some wonders for your credit score. Yes, I could get a card at the next 5 shops I walk into, but if someone say, 16 years old like yourself ran around doing this sort of bullshit you would never be able to get financing for that boob job you are going to want in about 4 years. "
Cashier: "You get coupons and scratch offs every single month, and you can charge it today and pay it off right here in the store, it's a really good deal you should do it."

Me: "Or I could just give you this cash in my hand and get the hell out of here like I had planned."

Cashier: "Yes that works too, here's your receipt"

Kohl's new slogan should be:
Kohl's... building credit card Nazi's one cashier at a time.

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