Monday, April 26, 2010

possibly the coolest hobby ever

After a pretty spectacular investigation this weekend, I felt the urge to post about ghost hunting. I can't disclose info about what the team saw this weekend, so I figured I would post something that I wrote for our team's little blog (that hasn't quite taken off yet!)
so enjoy!
Things That go Bump in the Morning?

Why do investigations take place at night?
Why am I only seeing stuff at night?
Why do I hear strange things after I go to bed?
Why does blood drip from the wall after midnight?

Ok, so I made that last question up...but the others are legitimate questions we have heard throughout the years. They are good questions because there does seem to be an interesting correlation between paranormal activity and evening hours.

One theory we are kicking around is so simple we must share it first. People don't experience activity in there homes during the daylight hours because they aren't home. I hope that simplicity didn't offend, but it is true- if you are busy getting the kiddos to school and then do your 9-5 thing how do you expect to experience activity somewhere that you are not?

And oh how I would love to talk science to you all for the next theory - But I would rather let these guys explain the next idea. The following information is the reason why we, like many other groups, document solar and geomagnetic activity occurring in our little universe before every investigation.

So there you have it, ghosts aren't picky about what time of day it is - you just have to be at home to see or hear the usual activity in the home. The same things that go bump at night could go bump in the morning. And that just sounds weird, so I am closing on that note!

-Stefanie Jones, charter member

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  1. Thanks! I have fun writing about what we do :) It's amazing how many misconceptions there are!