Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ice Cream in Alabama

I think some of my best childhood memories involve camping in Alabama. My parents had some property off of Lake Weiss and for years and years we would always spend our summer holidays and many weekends out there.

That is where I learned how to fish at the age of 3, and from then on I out fished dad, his buds, and every relative that would come out there with us. I was a little lucky charm out on that lake.

I learned that making homemade ice cream took way longer than my young mind could comprehend, but it was better than any ice cream I have ever had. Ever. I would now wait a lifetime to be able to go back and eat that ice cream.

Out on our dock is where I learned that fireworks don't always do what they are supposed to after you catch them on fire...You can pick up quite a pace when a flaming rooster booster is chasing you down the dock-even if you are 6 years old!

I learned that dad's friends were maybe a little more than drinking buddies. They played cowboys and aliens with me (not sure why I didn't stick to the traditional indians)...They caught baby ducks to the dismay and severe beating they received from mama duck- just so I could get a little ducky cuddle in before returning it to it's family. They also helped dad fight off a raccoon with rabies that was heading for me. Thinking back I really wish I could remember all of the crazy stuff that happened throughout those years on the lake.

When I was a teenager I guess things got tough (or too busy), and dad sold the property. It broke my heart. It still breaks my heart. The worst part? An uncle bought the land, and instead of being invited to visit the old stomping ground I get to see facebook updates about how they are all enjoying the lake that I loved so much. I should be glad my cousins, and their children are getting to have their own memories made there, but I am a little too bitter still.

I am sure there will be a spot, or several spots that I will take my kid(s) to in our camper and they will have some unforgettable memories to keep with them like I have.

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  1. good ole lake weiss, you failed to mention that at about 6months you almost became snake food, that wasn't with dads drinking buddies but it was out at the lake, and i too miss it, alot, and hate when they post stuff about the lake