Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I enjoy spilling beans.

A few weeks ago we found out that we are, in fact, having a baby.

I had an excited nervousness in my stomach when I told my parents, and then more people here and there. And so far it has been fun watching the Mr. and I take turns telling friends and family the lovely news.

I have however, received some concerning responses. Here are just a few:

"Oh wow! When did you guys do that?!" --- you mean like, you want to know when I had sex with my husband??? And if he happens to be around when we get this one he has no qualms whatsoever with trying to detail! Yipes!

"What is it?!" --- mind you I am only 7 weeks along so to my knowledge not showing in the least bit, much less at a point of knowing the sex. The best response to this idiotic question?I am having A CANADIAN. Duh. Which may spur the next question.

"Brett isn't a citizen yet, will that mean anything for the baby?" --- Why yes, that means the kid will beat him to US citizenship. Joke's on daddy, high fives all around. The best response so far is to exclaim that they may deport my husband and my newborn baby!

"How sick are you already?" --- sick of? sick of you? sick of my husband? I know they mean- morning sickness, but do they really want to know if I am vomiting frequently? I doubt it...By the way I am not a bit queasy YET.

I can't wait to hear the questions we get from total strangers after I start showing. I bet there will be some doozies!

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  1. You know that baby is going to be born with a maple leaf birth mark! :) Congrats again, my dear!