Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friends in weird places

Recently at casa Jones we discussed what would be a good way for me to stay healthy for the duration of me hauling baby Jones around. We decided memberships to the YMCA would be best because they have easy peasy classes like beginners water aerobics and yoga classes every day of the week.

And off I went, in my saucey one piece bathing suit(pffft), to my very first water aerobics class. I honestly had no expectations in my mind (which is unusual for me). I can usually envision myself doing something, what sort of people will be there, what the place will look like and so on.

I told the instructor it was my first class, and I was preggo so for her to let me know if there is something I shouldn't be doing. Then I snuck into the pool seemingly unnoticed. Then they caught me. A gaggle of older ladies - they must have over heard I was pregnant and they all started talking to me. I got 10 new names to go with 10 new faces in like .5 seconds. That was the fastest I have ever made friends. ever.

I glanced around the pool, and I realized something. Everyone in the pool was over the age of 70. The old guys were on one end of the pool, and the old ladies on the opposite end. Like a 5th grade dance. Cute.

My new friends helped me out that class, they told me which water weights were the easiest to use, and different tricks to make the exercises work for me. It was neat. I liked the fun energy surrounding the whole class.

If the tables were turned, and it were a bunch of 24 year olds girls in that pool and one old lady, I doubt any of the young bloods would have even cared to help the old lady out. And that is a sad reflection of my generation. But seriously, it would have been a pool full of snobby bitches trying to out do each other. I have taken a handful of classes since then, and I hope to learn some lessons from my new swimming buddies.

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  1. That's very true miss lady and I'm glad you made friends so fast. I think you should have tea time with them, decaf though. Wouldn't want to caffeine your face off or the elder ladies.