Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dream Sharing

The title suggests something fanciful and fun. However, what happened at 5:00 am this morning was neither fanciful or fun.

I was having a pretty vivid dream, I was in a building (possibly my house) and I saw a large spider, so I got a can of bug spray and sprayed it. The spider then turned into dozens and dozens of smaller spiders that then jumped on me and started crawling all over me (disgusting right?). I am then trying to frantically brush them and throw them off of my body.
All of a sudden I woke up from the bad dream to Adeline screaming and crying at the top of the stairs. Which was a welcome reprieve from the spider attack that was going on in my mind. 

I quickly ran up the stairs to see what was wrong and all she was saying was "Mommy! Get the spiders off of me!" and was swatting at her legs and crying. I picked her up and asked her to try to tell me what was going on and she then realized she was dreaming and that there weren't physically any spiders on her body and she said, "It was a very bad dream the spiders are everywhere". I of course told her I was having a bad dream too, and was totally freaked out at that point that all of this is going down.

I also told her that I would sleep the rest of the night with her in her bed and we could make sure that the spiders and bad dreams stay away. We get tucked in and she says, "let's hold hands because we are best friends". Off to sleep land we went.

Has anyone else ever had this happen before? I don't know if every detail was the same for her because she didn't exactly explain through all the crying every little part of it, and I sure wasn't going to ask her to keep talking about it.

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