Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adeline Decides Recap Uno

As promised, there are some recaps from the past week that we are sharing with you now.

I mentioned in the last blog post that I intend to let my 3 year old make my decisions for me for the next 6 months. She did a bang up job this recap. Let's see, we spent much of last week snowed in so by the end of all that none of us wanted to make any decisions. We did eventually escape and it was a joint effort on her part and her dad to choose to go to the comic book store.

During our snowpocalypse Adeline decided to partake in some of my work endeavors. She is now the star of my Junk Drunk Jones YouTube channel. 

I have a sneaking suspicion my future Pick of the Week posts will be like this, and feature her goofy self. Sidenote - she selected the wardrobes for both of us for this video.

We also had a family dinner tonight where she picked the menu. See:
 You will note that in the photo you can also see my 30 year old husband's beautiful blue manicure compliments of the child as well. Real men wear nail polish! Remember that ladies.
 The little dear decided to have her cake, and lick it too.
Pretty cool cake my sister had made for the family dinner!

So far no regrets with the little experiment we have going. Stay tuned for the next recap! 

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