Friday, February 7, 2014

Adeline Decides. An Introduction.

It all started with the plague.
Intense right? So yea, Adeline brought the plague home from preschool. She wound up with a few mere sniffles whilst I was sulking around the house in a near death state. I woke up from our nap on Wednesday with a fever to be reckoned with. I thought to myself "dinner is just too difficult to fathom right now" and  I looked around for a solution. And there sat Adeline.
I politely asked, "Adeline, mommy is on fire, what should we have for dinner?". She mulled it over and explained that we should have cereal and fruit. Ahhhhh cold foods, I was sold. She is a genius, and my thoughts snowballed from there.

So yesterday I had posted the following:
"Being an adult sucks. I've decided to let my 3 year old make all of my decisions for me. From business moves to wardrobe choices. This could get interesting!"
So, until further notice, I will be directing my burning questions about life and the universe that require a decision to the care of this completely competent and totally normal 3 year old:

I couldn't be more serious. I think I would like to adopt this method of living for at least 6 months. I think she and I could learn a lot from it. 

There are several reasons why I think this is going to work swimmingly:
  • Making decisions is easy for her. Her quick wit and matter-of-factness is impressive.
  • She is smarter than I am. Where I lack in certain areas Brett makes up for it, and she is proving to be a damn close 50/50 split of both of our personalities and brains. Terrifying right?
  • I feel that it will help build her confidence, making decisions without second guessing herself. 
  • It will help me loosen up and worry less about the little stuff. I am a certified worry wort.
  • If everyone becomes aware of this arrangement I have made I can use it for excuses to get out of stuff I would really prefer to not do. Ok, that one is a bit selfish. Maybe I won't do that. Disregard. Carry on.
  • It will teach us both a lot about creativity, cooperation, and compromise. You know, in case she tries to dress me in a bathing suit for a business meeting. I don't look forward to wearing a bathing suit under my clothing in order to honor her decision, but I wouldn't be opposed to it.  
  • It will teach us both to trust each other. When she starts learning that I trust her it will also boost her confidence.
Obviously I have to set up the choices for her decisions in some cases (she hasn't quite mastered mind reading yet). She can't necessarily pick a dinner item that we don't have in our kitchen or easily access. I also can't facilitate any decisions such as "don't go to work today". I do want to honor her choices, but feeding her and paying our bills during this process is also fairly important. 

I will do periodic recaps on the blog here. Along with photographic evidence of things like wardrobe choices, meal plans, daily itinerary adjustments, and who knows what else. 

I will start with today, she not only chose my outfit from head to toe but held my phone steady enough to capture her excellent style:
Not bad right? One of my favorite shirts, so I was super impressed. She also picked all 3 meals for she and I. She ate better/more per meal than she has in a month. If I feel that at any point in our little experiment she is getting tired of making decisions I will cut back and limit when necessary. She seems to think it is loads of fun so far. I haven't told her point blank what I am doing because I fear telling the little dear that "you are in control and can destroy me for the next 6 months" would probably not be one of my better ideas. 

What do you think? Would you let a 3 year old make any decisions for you?

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