Thursday, July 1, 2010

Diversity in the restaurant industry.

While the husband and I were driving to work this morning (yea, we work together too) We noticed that a new restaurant was opening soon, and the banner just said "Hibachi Buffet-Coming Soon!"

We talked for a minute about how we love hibachi, and i'm eating for two so the buffet idea was intriguing. All I can eat fried rice hibachi style? hell yes. Then we were taking stabs at what the name of the place might be. He guessed they may just leave it at Hibachi Buffet. Then I reminded him that Asian entrepreneurs know better than that. They will add a combination of Super, Jumbo, or Mega in front of that title. Or all three, Super Jumbo Mega Hibachi Buffet. For some reason they like to find every synonym possible for fucking huge, and throw that in to entice us fat Americans.

Then all of this reminded me of hispanic joints. Not the mexican restaurants that open for other mexicans (which actually have legitimate spanish names) But the mexican restaurants that open for the dumb Americans. You know, like El Burrito. The burrito? Really guys? Do you see us opening restaurants that serve american dishes and call it The Hamburger?or The Boring Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Of course not.

I guess that is all I have to say about that.


  1. My favorite was Dos Hombres on Hwy 5. We always just called it Two Homeboys.

  2. I loved that place. Damn them and their catchy names! We should get some mexi grub soon. yum.