Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Redneck Mafia - the preface

a simple dialogue:

Me: "Home Depot will sharpen mower blades for free I heard. Where is our mower from?"
Mr.Jones: "Your dad. Remember, last summer that guy owed your dad some money and he kept paying him in lawn mowers?"
Me: "Oh right! Cause that's not weird as hell. Fun times, I guess that's how dad rolls."

*an eloquent and well written post to follow explaining how my dad quite possibly runs a redneck mafia


  1. I've been convinced of this for a while. You have Chelsias vote too haha

  2. Remind me to never owe your dad ANYTHING. *Shiver* :D

  3. Mechelle- I knew you guys would understand!
    Heather- indeed! Ty man might wind up missing some tv or fancy equipment if you did! lol