Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hit and Run

Ever feel like you may be a little too stressed out?
Work has you feelin' low?
Worried about the bills? Traffic? The weather? uncontrollable changes? Family drama?
If you answered yes to any of the above you would be in Brett's boat.

If you want to take your mind off of things, you can always just get hit by a car. That seemed to work for Brett! Compliments of his lovely wife. I made that all possible for him yesterday evening.
Let me fill you in before you get all "that bitch ran her husband over!"

Yesterday we decided to take a look through a house we have a new offer pending on, to take some measurements and what not. We usually meet our realtor as soon as Brett is off work, and fights through traffic, right around dinner time to be exact. Knowing how Brett feels after a day of work and traffic is always a gamble. Yesterday was no exception. I could tell from his face that work must have sucked for him hard core, and his new route home must have been 100%crap.

We all get out of our cars, and a random car with an older woman and a younger guy pulls up to the house (keep in mind this house still has all of its signage/lockbox etc because we aren't under contract or anything yet.) Yet. After staring at us while our realtor opens the lockbox the window rolls down... which is pretty much immediately followed by these 2 strangers getting out of the car. They inquire what we are doing, and if they can come in too and see the house. Our realtor explains that our offer has already been accepted and that we are just there to take some measurements. The pushy woman (who is also a realtor) insists that her little friend wants to take a quick look and be on their way.
sidenote- this part of the story doesn't have too much to do with me hitting Brett with my car, but its a precursor to why he was pissed off pre-car ramming.
This woman explains that her client isn't doing any serious looking because "the boss" isn't with them. Which is this dude's wife. Poor bastard. Well at least he admits she is the captain of that ship -either way, get the hell out of our almost house, for serious. Or make yourself useful and hold this measuring tape/baby/my coat/whatever.

So they pretty much run through the house because we are apparently much more respectful than they are and don't say "go away weirdos". And we finish our measurements and look through. It is time to go home.

Generally Brett is in a rush to get home, so he can have a nice dinner and relax. I figure, he has hopped into his car at lightening speeds and is probably out of the driveway before I can even buckle the baby in her car seat. So I go ahead and throw it in reverse, and roll, right into him, and his open car door. I honestly don't recall hearing a crunch or any crashing noise, just him cussing at me/my car.

So what do I do? I just stop, don't pull up yet, just stop. In my mind this is the only thing that processes:Dude. I just hit Brett. Of course he asks me if I plan to pull up and um, off of him and his car which snaps me back to the situation at hand. I look back and the baby is busy making out with her toy giraffe and has no idea I just tagged her father with our car.

I look up and see that our realtor is in her car just looking down at some papers we just signed. Surely she saw me just hit him. Right? I don't stop to ask questions, I am just too busy trying not to laugh so I just pull out of the driveway sans my husband attached to my car, and drive home. I can tell when I get to our house that he is still super pissed. Like, I am not going to look at you or speak. Alas, I am just laughing. And laughing. And then crying from laughing, which is making the baby laugh. So we are now in the kitchen laughing at Brett. Just waiting for him to decide that he is done with the silent treatment. It doesn't take him long and he slowly cracks and has a chuckle with us.

So, if you think you are having a bad day, it could always be worse. Your loved ones could be running you over with their vehicles. So chin up!

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