Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Adeline Decides - Recap SIX

Greetings beautiful people! I am not going to discuss what a slacker I have been on here, let's chalk it up to me being awesome at other things. I wear too many hats/too many irons in the fire/ possibly some sort of attention deficit disorder/ OH LOOK! SOMETHING SHINY. Maybe one day I will grow up, settle on one job that pays superbly vs. 10 small jobs that pay not as superbly, if at all. Meh probably not. Anyways, Adeline has been very busy making wonderful decisions so I shall recap for you now.

         Adeline has found a new hobby that she both enjoys, and is good at. Fishing! She only does this in 10 minute increments, and stops as soon as she catches anything. At any rate, catching her first fish at 3 years old is putting her on the fast track to becoming a redneck. She can boast about this later. Oh wait, she probably won't want to mention any of this. Good thing I am PUTTING IT ON THE INTERWEBS. Sorry sweet cheeks.

 Yea right dad, I am not touching that...

She has also found a new love for baking. She prepared (all steps aside from touching the oven) a birthday cake for her nanny: 
 It was crazy good for a three year old. She's got skillz. 

             Recently my company was asked to participate in a vintage fashion show at the local nursing home. Another freebie job but very rewarding. We had a blast, and Adeline decided that the nursing home is by far one of the coolest spots to hang out ever.The kid would have stayed if I let her! We brought over a wardrobe of vintage threads for the models to use, and naturally Adeline had to take a stroll on the cat walk as well. And to think, I was sure she would be too shy to waltz around in front of strangers. HA. I was probably just projecting my own nervousness because the staff gave me a microphone and let me do ALL THE TALKING. Yikes. 
Here she is in one of her fashion show ensembles:

              Summer festivities are upon us, and school has ended. Her gymnastics classes have wrapped up as well and she snagged a trophy at her final performance. She decided it was much too wonderful to hide from the world. The trophy made it around everywhere the days following. Restaurants, stores, grandma's house, etc. 
Here she is with the coveted trophy at our favorite mexican spot. 
This was post performance, so she still had the leotard and refused to put on pants, so we compromised by pulling her leg warmers way the hell up her legs to make pseudo pants. 

                Adeline received her passport this week. She was so proud of it, and said that it was her story. She had to read her story to everyone around, and she even told grandma that I was in it. 
She explained that the illustration below is mommy at a party:
So if you ever wanna party like it's 1799, I'm your girl! 

In case any of you are wondering if this little project of allowing a toddler to make so many of her own decisions has blown up in my face yet, which I am sure a few of you are... Trolls. I am happy to report that it has not blown up in my face at all. I now present some observations.

Adeline Decides - Observations thus far in our experiment:
She is more outspoken, less shy, yet still polite. We get constant compliments on her demeanor in general, especially in public places where a majority of toddlers act bat shit crazy. She is cool as a cucumber. Her diet has improved, as well as her appetite because she has more of a choice in what she consumes. Don't get me wrong, she asks for treats more often than not, but we compromise by getting those treats after we have regular meals. In most cases she enjoys the meals so much she forgets all about the treats. Sleeping patterns have improved a bit as well. 

If you would like to read more about Adeline and her antics, and what exactly we have been doing the last few months click here. 


  1. You crack me up! Really look forward to your blog posts - especially Adeline Decides! : )

  2. Thanks for reading them! I need to get better about posting more often.

  3. Stephanie you should write a book about Adeline decides. It would be great inspiration for a generation of much younger mothers (17/18) I know. It could be a great guide in developing young toddlers.

  4. Thanks! Maybe moms of all ages could benefit. I wish I were 17/18 again! I guess it doesn't matter if you are 17 or 47, we all come across similar obstacles as moms. The hope is that projects like this can help a few of them out along the way (or make them laugh) laughter is good too.