Thursday, January 28, 2010

some other beginnings end

Welcome to the blog I said I would never start, I promise you there is never a dull moment to be had!

I guess the most important stuff to know and love about me:

-As the title of the blog suggests...I am Mrs. Jones, and I hate writing the plural form of the Jones'ssss, see I am confused already!
-I married the goofiest, most curly headed, red bearded canadian ever.
-I am 5' tall, on a good day. The Canadian is 6'5''ish so yes, I look like his child instead of his wife.
-I have some 20 or so aunts and uncles, and at least 40 first cousins, most of which live in the same county as I do. There are no secrets...ever...
-I have a black belt in napping and shopping
-In the ole free time I paint, do crafty stuff, hunt ghosts, hang with the Canadian, play beer pong like a champ, and the list continues.

Until very recently (as in, we are still packing our shit) the Mr. and I lived next door to my parents, and my sister and her family. As I stated earlier, there are no secrets, as well as no privacy..ever. So we bought a house and are setting up shop now. We have no kiddos, just one rescue pup named Agadore Spartacus, and 4 ball pythons (Cruella Deville, Herbie Hancock, Lucifer, and Lilith)

I guess since we are starting a new phase of our life I decided to start the blog. I haven't journaled in years, and that made me pretty sad. Plus - my facebook page is getting weighed down with all of those relatives I mentioned, so I figured I would let the outside world into my biz too. Enjoy the shenanigans!


  1. Shenanigans, indeed! Will be subscribing to this puppy now. :) Awesome start, hon!

  2. Thank ya! I will have a great mentor! I am going to come up with a title for you. To be announced!