Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun facts for Adeline

The other day Mr. Jones and I were riding around in his old Ford truck listening to Alan Jackson's Home which reminded me of our first place. We had turned one of dad's barn/garages into our first home. Call that weird, call that white trash (don't worry my MIL did too), but it was awesome - and we made it work. Now we have a REAL house for the baby. But I think she will get a kick out of the fact that her mommy and daddy's first house was a barn.

So I was trying to think of a list of other weird, wacky, and funny things she might like to know at some point.

-Maybe when she get's older and asks how we met, or how the first dates went I can tell her that after I met daddy - and attempted for 2 months to be asked out on a date I was about to give up because it was becoming obvious that he was in He dressed nicely, he talked oddly, he worked in a tanning salon. And that is all I have to say about that!

-We moved into "the barn" together after dating for only 2 months. Because daddy got kicked out and mommy didn't want to see him go back to Canada.

-We got engaged the night that we went to see Horton Hears a Who - and then went to Ihop for whocakes and other Seuss inspired goodies. Thus the reason her first room is Dr. Seuss themed.

-We thought grandpa Jones was going to have a heart attack in the restaurant when we told him we were having a baby. We got to tell great grandma that we were having her first great grandbaby on her 90th birthday.

-For the first few months of pregnancy, we (along with most of the family) swore that we were having a boy. Boy were we wrong.

Of course there are tons of other tid bits she will learn about us but for now that list will do.

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  1. You tell her Aunt/other g'ma-ish Mechelle had faith she was a girl...or was that just REALLY strong HOPE