Thursday, October 21, 2010

Trying to be Diplomatic - But it hurts!!!

As you can tell from an earlier post. I am now the director of PGI. So far so good I believe. We are all still enjoying ourselves, and getting a few investigations down for the books. I want my main objective as director to be to motivate and facilitate a lot of the ideas we have all been pushing for for years. We are a close knit crew, and we all want the same things so it is a breeze working with everyone.

But- there is something else I get to do. I am the contact for the southeast that fans from all over the country who watch Ghost Lab can find via the Everyday Paranormal website. Which is fine and cool. I appreciate the support for their show - and it is neat that they want to reach out to me.

BUT. Of course there is a but right? I can't for the life of me figure out why 99.9% of the emails that come in arrive in my inbox in such sad shape. Sad shape? Yes, sad shape.

Maybe it is just because I am used to emailing people for work related things, but even with new acquaintances I always ALWAYS proofread my emails before clicking the send button. It is polite and courteous to send a nicely constructed note to someone - especially if you have never met them before.

Alas, some of the emails that come into my inbox are so jumbled up and incoherent that I don't even know what they are asking of me half the time. The spelling and grammatical errors could make Agadore Spartacus cringe (who is my 8 lb Maltese if anyone didn't know). And if they are accompanied by an attachment, I know without a doubt that when my server finally finishes downloading the 2,000,000,000 KB size image that I could use for a roadside billboard that it will almost always be of dust orbs. Almost always. I then get to explain (as scientifically as possible) that they have snapped a shot of dust, water droplets, or some other airborne particle. And then I get to explain that it might not be a dead woman in a white dress after all.

But then what? Then I am the bitch that told them their ghost photo wasn't real. And that part sucks, but I guess it is in the job description. I hate to be that bad guy and I really don't want to complain - if anything emails like these motivate me to educate others about our field. Unfortunately it looks like we might have our hands full.

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