Monday, March 7, 2011

Dear Ireland, I miss you terribly.

For starters, I checked the forecast this morning and it was 20 degrees warmer in Kenmare than it was here at home.

Aside from the coldness this morning, I realized that just this time last year I was sitting in PF McCarthy's with Mr. Jones drinking a big ol pint of Guinness. We instantly fell in love with Kenmare - the town was cute, awesome, old school, and well I could totally call it home.

I always wonder what it would be like to live in Ireland, you know, if money weren't an issue (or the pesky citizenship process) Lord knows we are having a hard enough time with immigration here in the states, and we let damn near everyone in.!

Anyways, I am getting side tracked yet again. Thinking about our big trip to the emerald isle also reminded me that we stood on the "wishing steps" at the gardens of Blarney castle and it hit me.

me to myself: "Holy shit, do you remember what you wished for on those steps?! A baby, you wished that you would have a baby soon and that baby would be healthy and happy."

And guess what kids? Wasn't a month or more from being home that we had barely started to think of being pregnant and bam we were. I asked Brett last night what he had wished for on the wishing steps, and he had wished the very same thing. (it's like a freakin story book isn't it? haha).

So, I am going to get my ass back to those wishing steps and wish to win the lottery so that we can come back to Kenmare and make it our home (or our second home - that would work too). In the meantime I should find an author or illustrator of children's books so I can hammer out some deets and make a book for Adeline about her mommy and daddy and this Ireland adventure - since she did come from a simple wish after all.


  1. What an adorable story for ms. Adeline

  2. That would be an EXCELLENT story for sweet, little Adeline! And I feel the same way about Bonaire. Every time I leave there, a little bit of me stays behind. Someday, I'll live there. You can visit when the Irish winters get too cold. :)

  3. Ashley Spires, author and illustrator, a neice of a really good friend of mine - I believe Ashley is in Saskatoon.
    Check out Binky the Space Cat and Binky to the Rescue for samples of her work. If you are interested I can probably get her contact info for you.