Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother dear

Well, my first mother's day was a huge success. I got to do my favorite things with my favorite people.

I guess I should start out with Mother's Day Eve... yea my fun started the night before! My dogs Bacon and Banana (what I will refer to as the "bad" dogs, because Agadore is a perfect angel) anyways, they decided to catch, and kill, a cute bunny rabbit for mommy! Unfortunately I prefer my bunnies to be alive and cute, but they got an A for effort, as well as a good yelling to, and scrub down. In 20+ years of small dog breed ownership I have never had to wash blood off of a dog. It was sad. And I am sure it was the first time they have ever had their mouths washed out with soap...little bastards. So after that episode Adeline decides to projectile vomit all over me and the bed (another first!) I mean, not to be too graphic but it made its way into her ear, the top of her head, and even into my armpit. Talent.

I got a good nights rest on the clean sheets Brett fixed up for me. Score.

Woke up and Brett took my mom, Adeline and I to breakfast for my favorite treat at Cracker Barrel. We went home, and I got to do what I do best, NAP. While Adeline and I napped Brett cleaned up around the house. Then I woke up and got to snack on my gift - an EDIBLE ARRANGEMENT, I freakin love those things. I am pretty sure that the edible arrangements company grows their fruit in crack coccaine because I am addicted.

We talked about going to the Indian festival, but decided against it for a few reasons. One? Parking is a nightmare. Two? it was creeping into the high 80's, and well I am allergic to the sun (I am pretty sure Adeline is too) I hate being out in the sun. That is a sure fire way to lose my pale glow! Three? The park that hosts the festival is more like a dustbowl vs. a park. And Four?I am fairly certain a large percentage of the vendors are in fact mexican, NOT Native American. I mean, the goods are even Mexico-esque, I have been to Mexico a few times so I would like to say that I know.

So? we drove to the Booth Western Art Museum instead. We were able to see a ton of Native American stuff (plus cowboys) in the comfort of air conditioning and no crowd whatsoever. I think there were 3 other cars in the parking lot? yea, my cup of tea. I also got to wear my cowboy boots because that's what you do when you go to the cowboys and indians museum. Duh.
And now a milestone plug: We gave Adeline her first taste of rice cereal in her bottle. Not so sure she enjoyed it, but it stayed down so that is a start. And the day after mother's day she started doing her first tummy to back roll overs. So that is pretty neat in my book!

p.s. - on the Mother front: today is my mom's birthday! she is 16, or 61, whatever. She is a smokin' red head, and that is all that matters.

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