Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new haunts

I am gonna keep this post short and sweet, what? You want a funny full length story you can enjoy your popcorn with? Maybe next time dears. (this lady got like 0 hours of sleep and awoke at 3:45am- I apologize but my brain has taken a vacation.)

I would like to state that I have 2 new addictions. One mild, and one not so mild.

The mild addiction? Cruising this website. I have lots to look forward to with Adeline! wooo.

The serious addiction? Couponing. God I am so domestic these days. I just can't stop cutting them and playing with them! ha. But seriously, I have considered things like "where can I start our stock pile?" and "we need 6 boxes of Special K this week. Right?". It is getting bad. I go to my fave coupon site so often Google chrome has saved it for me. Anyone want to start a club?er...I mean host my intervention? I guess it is a healthy-ish hobby because I save tons of money every week. I blame my friends and family for being enablers. Or whatever, it just sounded good.


  1. I accept.. And who doesn't need six boxes of cereal a week?

  2. i encourage your addiction...game on!
    and yes you absolutely need that much special k

  3. I will happily start a club with you! So funny I just mentioned to Robby that I should clip all the baby coupons for you! :-)

  4. Oh and speaking of baby coupons i have some for you :)...as usual.