Monday, June 27, 2011

A hunting we will go.

So about a year ago we went from a one doggy household to 3 doggy household. We got a brother/sister pair of pups from my buddy Jordan. We named them Bacon and Banana because we are awesome like that. They appeared to be tiny shih tzu pups. Which is workable in our house because I am allergic to most critters that shed.

Long story short, they grew, rather large for "shih tzu" dogs. And they do weird shit (like try to eat scissors, and poop in the bath know, the usual...)

And then? They decided to show what they were really made of - hunting dogs! I am going to guess some sort of hunting terrier. Like I described somewhere in this post. They like to kill rabbits these days.

This past Friday was no exception. Bacon brought in a teeny tiny (like fit in the palm of my hand) sized bunny. He just brought it in as a gift though, it was scared but not really hurt. So I get home and there is a huggies diaper box on top of my kitchen stove with an assortment of pots and pans sitting on top of it. I ask Brett what the heck sort of set up has he prepared. And then I get to see the little bunny chilling inside of the box on an old t shirt. He looked scared, but glad to be out of Bacon's mouth. I made a joke to Brett about all of the clutter on top of the box, as if a tiny animal could move all of that to escape. We decide that once it is daylight we will release him.

We go to bed. Around 3 am I wake up to hearing all sorts of noises. Apparently "little rabbit" jimmied his way out of the tiny crack of a handle at the top of the huggies box! Jumped from the top of the kitchen counter to the floor, and then through the tiny crack of a door into our bedroom. It was there that his tiny little self awoke the dogs, and they decided to actually chase him down and kill him. I was so sad. My dogs are monsters. I know I know, it is "their nature" to do this sort of stuff. Instinctual right? So is it these natural instincts that make Bacon want to lick the walls like the windows on a short bus? Is it these natural instincts that make Banana want to jump into a bath tub to leave a present? I'm no dog psychologist, but it appears that these two are as dumb as rocks. But I love them anyways.

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