Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be Mine

This is a little change of pace. I am going to talk about what I do best,
I think.
I am crafty, and if I can glue it, cut it, embellish it, or cover it in glitter I will.

I made valentines for everyone this year, they look like the pic above - that is the one that my dad gets.

Anyways, I found the idea in one of those Parents magazines or whatever it is called. As per usual, it had directions, that I failed to follow through with. Next time I will add a photo of the magazine page so you can see what I was up against. I seriously don't know what my problem is with directions! But for now here is an instructional video should you ever decide to produce such cute valentines for yourself.

I will say, I started out with a fluffier, plushier type of pipe cleaners. Don't do that. They wind up looking like fat little blobs (which basically means they are given last- the recipients of the dud rings are the people you don't like as much "keepers of the ugly valentines" you know you have done that before. Don't judge.)

Just use regular skinny ol pipe cleaners for a more refined look, and that way all of your friends both good and crappy can get a cute valentine. So go get your bling on! You could be the cupid handing out the biggest rocks on the block. You are welcome!

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