Thursday, May 17, 2012

Marital Issues

Very often I will find myself in a conversation with Brett and think to myself, "this is the most laid back relationship I have ever been in."

I can count on one hand what I would call "real" arguments we have had, I could also tell you what they were about but I'm not up for airing dirty laundry today. I will say though that those few instances had nothing to do with either of us personally. That may have revealed a good bit.

To reiterate the point that we don't fight, here is just a sampling of an average Jones' marriage argument:

 me:  im back on the mission to find a dragon con houtel
 Brett:  No
Stick with finding a Houtel.
Also, Chad said he lives about 10 minutes away from dcon on the weekends and has an extra room
However, that would then require us not getting totally sloshed.
 me:  haha
well we can take turns perhaps
 Brett:  ?
 me:  you drink one night
 Brett:  What is this "take turns" you speak of?
me:  I drink the next
 me:  ya ya whatever
that's cool too
 me:  Ill get drunk in the mornings so ill be sober by night time. Problem solved.

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