Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My second Mother's Day was a huge success.
Originally we were going to go to the Renaissance festival, but there was a 100% chance that it could be raining (100%? Really? After 99% just show, "damn guys, it's raining" on the screen).
Anyways, 100% rain for an outdoor festival is really not that fun I imagine. 

So Brett and Adeline made me breakfast - then Adeline was sweet enough to open my presents for me. To say that I am not a traditional kinda gal is a severe understatement. With that being said Brett has tuned into this so very nicely. I can assure you that none of the moms I know received some of the gifts I received. I got; a custom made super hero pencil skirt from Get Waisted, a Zombie game from Dr.No's comic book store, a framed picture of us, flowers, a card with a button to wear, and a can of gum. So, many of you reading this may have gotten the flowers or a picture, but the other stuff? Unlikely. I am now prepared to fight crime and eat brains, all at the same time. With minty fresh breath. 

Adeline took the longest nap in the history of naps (must have been the rain). So I busied myself with reading The Tenth Insight. After Adeline was up I decided we should go to one of my favorite places, an Antique Mall - god my dad would be proud. I can't figure out why, but I am obsessed with old treasures. Clearly I can't afford most old treasures, but I can window shop like a pro. After 36,000 square feet of oohing and aahing, and after cleaning up a pack of goldfish Adeline successfully spilled and I successfully ran over with the stroller I was done. I bought $7 worth of clip on earrings for Brett's grandma Lily. 

Apparently looking at crap you can't afford works up quite the appetite, so we started our search for food. We figured since it was 3:00 we had skipped the lunch crowd, but also beat the dinner crowd. WRONG. Our first few stops we were faced with a 1-2 hour wait. We decided to think outside the box, where do most people not take their moms on mothers day? A tavern! We waltzed right in with 0 wait time, high fives all around. I would like to point out a few scrumptious highlights from this tavern - the asparagus fries, and the white cheddar grit cakes. Mmmmm.

The day was concluded with the newest episode of Game of Thrones. That show is so messed up. In conclusion, I will take a day that involves super heroes, zombies, treasure hunting, and hanging out at a tavern any day. 

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