Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Thai Food

Recently my niece Chelsia started working with my family at our flooring company, and we share an office. I am pretty sure she has been bored to tears (physically) at least once. At least she gets to look forward to being around dad and I every day.

Dad: Hey kid, what the hell are you eating?
Chels: Thai food.
Dad: What? Cat food?
Chels: No! Thai food.
Dad: *blinks*
Chels: THAI FOOD. 
Dad: Huh? Stef, what is she trying to say to me?
Me: Thai food, dad. THAI food. You know, Thailand/ T-H-A-I.
Dad: Oh, so, ok.
Guess she could be eating a cat. (ok I may have said that last line... but I know dad was thinking it).

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