Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Subscription Prescription

I think that you can tell a lot about a person by the magazine subscriptions they have.

Take Mr.Jones for example, he has one - Game Informer. And that tells us what? The he is simple, and he likes to keep things simple. He loves his xbox. The end.

My reads? National Geographic for starters. I remember as a little girl my parents always took me shopping at antique stores. We would plan elaborate road trips all over the country to go to antique shops and auctions. If I found an old edition of a Nat Geo magazine? It was better than taking me to a trip to the candy shop. I was certain I had found a little treasure! I still have some of the old editions from those long forgotten trips. It had been a while since my last subscription to the magazine, so on my birthday last year that is what I told Mr.Jones to get me. No jewelry, or gift cards or things that will get hidden in my closet...When I get my monthly magazine from them it is like my birthday all over. I geekishly hover over every page, and proceed to pass the newest edition over to my family members telling them they have to read this or that and hold up the pictures on the pages as if I took them myself.

My other subscription "prescription"? Rolling Stone. A little left field in comparison to my Nat Geo, but I love a good ol drug/sex/rock story. As the Nat Geo brings out my inner nerd, the Rolling Stone brings out my inner bad ass. This month's 8 page spread on Robert Downey Jr. wasn't so bad either. Not so bad at all. I guess my Rolling Stone gives me practical advice...you know, if i'm ever stuck in a room snorting coke with Jack Nicholson - or need some artistic inspiration, world travel tips, etc...

When I open the mailbox and see one of those treasures laying there ready to be read I feel like I am about to step into another little world of fun. Therapy Schmerapy. My nerdy world and my bad ass world are all that I need.


  1. I'm with you on the NatGeo. I get it, too and love it! I'm also a subscriber to Rodale's Scuba Diving, Skin Diver, and Reason (the unofficial publication of the Libertarian party). I totally get my anthropology/scuba diving/politico on.

  2. Glad you understand- yea I have looked at a few of your Nat Geo's while watching the kids for ya! And just by looking at your list of subscriptions we can learn much!