Thursday, November 4, 2010

a sample...blech!

Yea so I won't get totally graphic - but I always have the silliest time with the whole "we need you to leave a sample please" while at the doctor's office for all this baby stuff. There is always the cup selection, the marker selection (sometimes there are colors to choose from!), what all do I want to write on the cup, what all do they want me to write on the cup, what if I do this all wrong, etc.

Do I sign my name all pretty on the cup? It generally looks like I am autographing a piece of freakin' artwork. Then there is that damn two way metal door shelf thing you put the pee cup in. I always feel like it is a game, and that if I don't have the cup autographed, filled and ready in time then I will open that tiny metal door to see someone waiting on the other side! Uh creepy...

I always wonder what some of the funniest (or most embarrassing) pee cup stories are out there. Do you have one? hmmmmmm?


  1. I think you should write, "Don't drink until Friday or tested."

  2. ha ha, last time i went i heard the door on the other side at least 3 times before i actually got the pee cup in, i felt like i was a slow pee'er for the first time in my life

  3. HA! See that would totally freak me out!