Thursday, January 26, 2012

Holy crap?

There are so many things I need to update about our little Jonesy family unit,
things like :
holy crap we finally got into a house
holy crap Adeline turned one
holy crap Adeline's summer modeling gig landed her in an ad
holy crap Brett scared the hell out of us by taking a trip to the hospital (again)

Well, that pretty much sums it up, the end!

Totally kidding - I guess I will break each "holy crap" moment into a part. Here is post/
Part 1 of 4 - Holy Crap we finally got into a house.

I was starting to give up on the housing market, it had screwed us over so many times already (seriously, like 15 offers in I was ready to hurt some stubborn banks). A house I previously mentioned in another post, yea that post that I explained how I ran my husband over with my car - that house? The counter offer there was $40,000 over the bank's own listing price! How in the hell is that even possible,or legal?! I mean I know how it is legal because as the spouse of an immigrant I have learned the government kind of does whatever the hell they want to at whatever price tag they want, and I guess banks follow suit.

We quickly moved along to looking at other houses, we found an awesome house with tons of space and in perfect condition considering it was a foreclosure. It even had 2 driveways, so Brett was stoked. Naturally when we tried to make an offer it was delayed (this was on 12/5). Bank of America aka the Devil decided that at precisely the time we were trying to put in an offer they were going to let an auction company handle the listing, so who knows when they will be done dilly dallying and get back to you *insert money signs and frowny faces here*.

A week and some change later we were told they were allowing us to make a "pre-bid" offer on the house, how very sweet of them (this was on 12/13). If per chance they did not like our pre bid we would get tossed out and have to show up at the house for the auction. They also wanted a hefty-er than normal size earnest money deposit, so everyone involved could get some money just in case. Fun? Yea don't think so. But we did the grin and bear it, forked out the $ and waited. Money talks, they accepted our offer 2 days later. The happy dance commenced throughout my office halls (this was on 12/15).

Since we "won" an auction I was wondering how that would affect the closing date, I was told it could actually speed things up and we could close as quickly as our loan officer could process the loan. LIES. I was excited for a minute because our loan officer was a freakin champ at her job, so she would have it done in no time. What they failed to add in was that it would go as quickly as the loan processor, THE SELLER...ahem DEVIL, and closing attorney could work. Fml take 20. I wanna say we hovered over 4+ possible closing dates, none of the hold up being on our end with our loan whatsoever.
We actually moved one of the closing dates because we were waiting on a single little paper from the neighborhood HOA. Really guys? I can probably go knock on their door and snag that for you, since you ass hats are in Atlanta and taking your sweet time even contacting the appropriate HOA person.

The plethora of closing dates finally landed us on Friday the 13th, and had we not been bat shit crazy by then we may have actually cared that we were closing on such an inappropriate day. Or maybe it was appropriate. Anyways we made it safe and sound to the closing and did a wam bam thank you maam closing in roughly 30 minutes. Followed it up with a celebratory sammich at Jimmy John's (sidenote - Ctown needs one of those, they are delish).

We painted that Friday night. We moved, I mean MOVED that Saturday. We spent our first night there Sunday night. I will say that there are still some items floating around at my parent's house from the move - but for the most part we totally owned that moving process. I know some people who moved over a year ago and are still unpacking. I don't want to mingle in tooo much from Part 2 - Holy Crap Adeline turned 1- but I will leave you with this, her first birthday party happened very successfully 6 days after we moved in. Yea, we rock.

I still can't believe how awesome the new house is. I feel like the real owners are going to show up any minute and kick us out. Eventually it will feel like ours, but for now I am in disbelief.

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