Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Part 2 - Holy Crap Adeline turned one.

I understand this is a little over her 1 year mark, but to commemorate Adeline coming into the world I wanted to post something.
Part 2 - Holy Crap Adeline turned one.

Since I am too busy to scrapbook I want to recount as much as I can from a year ago. It is harder than I thought it would be. Then, when I decide to be the perfect mom and scrapbook again I can read this junk to refresh my memory of how fun it was trying to get a human out of my body.

The biggest things I remember from having Adeline A-it really wasn't that hard, a lot of my acquaintances are liars. and B- Brett almost missed it because he was downstairs... IN THE E.R.

But really, here is the rundown: I had gestational diabetes so they wanted to induce me a smidge early because they thought Adeline was going to be a big, fat meloned, canadian baby. Which freaked me out so I said sure do what you do. The up side to inducing was I would know exactly when to tell family we were going to the hospital (which was convenient for any of Brett's family in Canada wanting to come and meet Ms.Baby).

We checked in to the hospital Monday at like 7ish-8ish, and not a whole hell of a lot happened that night aside from an IV that hurt like the devil. IV's hurt worse than most of the other stuff they did at the hospital that week. Seriously.
Woke up Tuesday morning to get the drugs to get the show on the road. They didn't really do much, Pitocin I think it's called. As the day wore on I could tell something was going on, but I wasn't progressing.

I was finally uncomfortable enough to request the epidural around 4ish pm. Took them about an hour or so to get to the room, and then some time to prep. Brett went to the childbirth class with me. Remember he made a pelvis vader. anyways, at that class they show you how an epidural is done, they even pass around the stuff they use to administer one.

So I decide I will be more still if I sit indian style on the bed, I lean on Brett. And wait. I can hear them starting, but I am going through a contraction so I could give two shits less what they are telling me,I just want them to hurry. I'm buried in Brett's chest and am clenching his shirt, I think that he is looking down at the top of my head, or kissing the top of my head. Either way, I get the urge to let go of his shirt, and literally seconds later, I see Brett go down, and then screaming from my mom and a nurse... Uh....WHAT. Of course, they are still in the middle of giving me an epidural, so I seriously don't even look or turn my head(you know, so I don't wind up PARALYZED or whatever the hell) so I have no idea if Brett is bleeding on the floor or what. While I am still waiting for the go ahead to move, I see out of the corner of my eye Brett rolling away on a stretcher. Great.

I had heard that after an epidural it could still take a while (hours+) to be ready to actually have the baby, so I was thinking things had moved sooooo slowly over the last 24 hours I had plenty of time to see what was going on with Brett. WRONG. 30 minutes later the nurse said, ok time to have this baby! Uh, can we maybe see if my husband is alive first? Yea, the big canadian guy you guys took away a few minutes ago, I think he wanted to be here for this part.
Not long after they wheeled his ass around to the side of my bed. At least he was conscious at that point.

Then? I almost had Adeline without a doctor. My nurse basically delivered her. They informed the doc when they thought I would be having her, guess they also assumed I would be pushing for a while. Try 30 minutes. What? That part was supposed to be hard too? You guys and your stories! pffffft.

Got to hold her, immediately, there were no issues or anything that made them whisk her away or anything. She was tiny, and had an average sized melon. No massive crazy monster baby, a little 7 pounder. And the rest is blissful history. Well, until our E.R. bills for crazy came in. Someone didn't have insurance yet! wooooo fun. At least I had insurance though, and good insurance so all was well on that front.

Now that Adeline is 1 she does so much awesome and cool stuff. She walks, she attempts to chase the dogs, she talks a little, she gives great hugs and kisses, eats like a champ, shares and plays like a champ. Just incredible. Brett and I are much better parents than we thought we would be, so that is good for her. ha. I hope to surprise a lot of people with the amazing-ness of our child. I think that is a pretty solid goal to have.

And that concludes Part 2!

**To be technical - Brett started having problems when he thought he saw my blood during the epidural procedure, triggering a neurocardiogenic syncope aka a vasovagal response. He was legit, inconvenient yet legit. I guess he forgot that day was all about ME and ADELINE.

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