Monday, August 13, 2012

The Girl Who Tweeted "Wolf"

      I really thought at this juncture in my life that people knew better than to take me seriously almost all of the time. Almost. Apparently some of my posts are taken with a grain of salt, and others are just completely alarming to people. I caught some heat last night for tweeting:

Brett: why does our sweet little angel have a voodoo doll in her hand? Me:I gave it to her. Adeline:*throws voodoo doll at Brett's face.*

Now, if anyone follows any of what I say ever, they would know that it wasn't quite literal. I didn't summon up some legit voodoo doll, possess it with some sort of spell, and hand it to my toddler with a hand full of pins and say "get stabby baby, mommy has to go paint her nails!". It was actually just a small keychain size toy of a voodoo doll. I have a ninja and a genie. Naturally Adeline chose the ninja to play with. They kind of look like the above photo. Innocent enough. 

To anyone who may take me too seriously at any point, think about it - within the last week here is the recap of my posting/tweeting highlights:

- Personally hosting a teapot convention.
- Gluing hundreds of buttons to my shoes.*
- An 8 foot tall ice cream cone.*
- A case of vintage explosive chickens.*
-  Seeing MacGyver.*
- Sedimentology and a geological database.*
- Marty Huggins for President.
- Monsters.
- Armadillos in Canton, GA.
- and the voodoo doll snafu.

     I guess it is weird that at least 50% of those highlights do have a factual basis (please see bullet points marked with an * ). But work with me here people! This got me thinking, maybe I am like the girl who cried "wolf" but instead of wolf I have a bunch of really random and obscure stuff that I am announcing. Then when I actually have something important to say no one will believe me. I will be the girl who tweeted wolf. Oh well, at least I will entertain the shit out of you all in the meantime.

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