Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Intro to Junk Drunk Jones

I feel like I have neglected the blog a little lately.
I blame my new etsy

I sell upcycled items and vintage treasures. A few people have asked where I get my inventory. Which I assume they mean the vintage goods because the other stuff comes from my super awesome craft room:

But yes, the vintage goods come from somewhere. I have always loved a good thrift store, but I have a new found obsession (or rather a love/hate relationship) with estate sales. Those bad boys can be hard to find sometimes, at least for exactly what I need.
I search Craigslist for upcoming estate sales but I feel that sites should make a search option for locating estate sales for people who aren't ballers. I know estate sale companies try to add "fluff" to their postings so that it appears they are selling some super high quality shit, but let's get real here - you are just unloading some dead woman's belongings. At any rate, some of the descriptions make me afraid to visit because I don't have a sugar daddy in tow. A bit swanky for Junk Drunk Jones.

And a note to people advertising your "own" estate sale... Don't have a yard sale and pretend that it is an estate sale. If you aren't dead, or your not moving, guess what? IT ISN'T AN ESTATE SALE. I want to see that you are selling everything but the awkwardly large collection of cats that you have accumulated.

And shoppers? Calm down. I understand we are all very excited to rummage through someone's life and snag our treasures before the next person spots them, but you guys need to cool it down a notch. If your fat ass is too lazy to drag around the box of stuff you have already "scored" don't be surprised if someone else tries to peek into it. No need to yell. In case you haven't noticed there's a lot of shit piled into boxes, assuming everyone knows that one box in particular belongs to you is asinine. Now, if someone picks up your child or that stupid dog you have shoved into your handbag like an accessory, that is another thing.

I feel like I am rambling. In a nutshell - I am working diligently to craft upcycled items for people to enjoy, and scouring thrift stores and bare knuckling my way through estate sales for some vintage treasures you all just can't live without. Stay tuned! It is going to be a fun, yet bumpy ride!

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