Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Money Fixes Everything

A couple of months ago we gave Adeline her first piggy bank, and she has spent the last couple of months hitting everyone up for spare change. She has even caught the entrepreneurial spirit and started some very creative attempts to earn money. For instance, she charged me for a band-aid that I already owned when I had a hangover a few weeks ago. She also started charging people for hugs. She is rather business savvy for not even being 2 years old.

Fast forward to this morning, I inform her that her piggy bank is empty because I took the money to the bank and put it in her savings account. She doesn't skip a beat and immediately turns to my mom to see if she has anything to spare for her newly starving piggy. Mom gives up her change, and explains to her that that is all that she has for now. I tell her that she needs to be sure to ask Papa next time she sees him because Papa always has change. Adeline takes note and continues to play.

Not long after she bumps her head and starts to cry. The following dialogue develops:
Adeline: "Mommy kiss it better?"
Me: "Sure." *plants kiss on forehead*
Adeline: "Nanny kiss it better?"
My mom: "Sure." *plants kiss on forehead*
Adeline: "Papa?"
Me: "Papa what? Do you want Papa to kiss it better? I think he is at work sweetie."
Adeline: "No. Papa's money!"
Me: "Papa's money will make you feel better?"
Adeline: "Uh huh. Papa's money better."

Parenting. I'm doing it right.

Additionally - I told dad this story when I got to the office this morning. Naturally on his way out for the day he said "I guess I better stop by your house and get that kid some money."
Adeline the entrepreneur strikes again. 

And yes, you can be jealous of my mad photo-editing skillz. I also spelled entrepreneurial without having to look it up. True story.

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