Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hairstyles of the Slow and Non-Famous

" I love feeling the wind through my hair net at top speeds of 40 mph."
                  - The busted lady I saw driving in the fast lane down the highway in her old, beat up, Ford truck while sporting a large black hair net.

Ok, so she (who honestly could have very well been a he) didn't actually say that, I am improvising a smidge. At any rate, I got stuck behind he/she on the way to an appointment yesterday afternoon.

Kinda wanted to tell he/she that barely creeping along in the left lane as if you are trapped in some space-time continuum only does two things: A-makes you look like an jacka$$ to those of us who appreciate arriving anywhere on time, and B- it also draws painfully slow attention to the fact that you are wearing a ridiculous hair net.

I tried very hard to figure out what was going on with what I was seeing. Was the hair net intended to be some sort of accessory? Was I cruising alongside a lunch lady? Are those old truck windows stuck in the down position, forcing he/she to take unfashionable measures to save their hairstyle? It was barely 50 degrees, without the wind, so I am leaning towards busted lady- in a busted truck- with busted windows theory.

Aaaaaaand I am going to go ahead and wrap this up, because I apparently spend way too much time contemplating excessively unimportant things. How do I ever get anything done?

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