Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nice Pigeon.

Neighbor: "Hey, did you lose a pigeon? I found one earlier, thought it might be yours." 
Me: "Well lets see, I lost the garage opener the other day, and a pair of headphones recently, but nope no pigeons."

--What do you have to do in order for someone to be like, "Holy crap! Look hunny! There's a pigeon. I bet it's Stefanie's."
When, oh when, did I become -that girl-?

Granted, I was voted "most likely to own a pet pigeon" in high school so this shouldn't be a surprise.  

And now? I'm genuinely curious as to how cool it might be to have one. At least if I lost the little bastard my neighbors would think to call me first if they found it.

Anyone have pigeons? Pros/cons? I envision it being smarter than all three of my dogs put together. Sorry pups

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