Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mexican Adventure Log - Day 1

Who has two thumbs and brought a journal on vacation?
This nerd:
               Pretty sure I am day dreaming in this photograph. About my journals.    "...Dear diary..."

But hey, at least you get to hear about the trip in excruciating detail. I would like to start by saying that fate was working against us for this trip. We I decided to go Playa del Carmen, and stay at The Royal for an entire week sans baby. He reluctantly agreed at first. I thought that planning a romantical getaway with the Mister was going to be as magical as the trip itself. Then I realized I was married to a green card totin' disaster and all of those high hopes faded away.

           Problem #1-Canada took its sweet ass time renewing Brett's passport, so much so that we were considering ways to utilize our trip insurance to cancel the trip. Our best method for implementing the insurance plan was to run over Brett with a car, which as some of you know, I already have good practice with (that link here). Luckily for Brett it arrived 3 weeks prior to our departure. Phew.

           Problem #2- Departure day. We had to take 2 detours en route to the airport for a highway shutdown due to a shooting standoff with the police. Once we were dropped off at our terminal we realized something else- THIS WASN'T OUR TERMINAL, NAY, AIRPORT. Shuttled to the appropriate airport just in time.

All crappy travels aside, we arrived in Mexico unscathed. When we got to the resort I was almost certain the shuttle had taken us to the wrong place. It was much too nice. We pretended to know what we were doing and were checked in with champagne in one hand, and hot towel in the other, in no time. A random man walked up to us and said "checking in?" to which we replied yes, and he said "good, have this" and hands us a styrofoam cooler. I envisioned a black market organ to be the contents of our new found gift, but luckily it was empty.  We totally took it, and totally used it.

We learned immediately that we would be fat by ends week with the amazing food that was at every corner of this resort. We also discovered our room had it's own liquor dispenser. Oh snap.

And here we are prepping to head out for our first night in Playa del Carmen:

That concludes Day 1. Hold your applause for the end of the week's final log. 

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