Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nerd Alert

Things that may indicate that I am a nerd:

  • I know that dragon con is 162 days away.
  • My favorite shirt in my closest isn't designer. It's batman.
  • I appreciate, understand, and would actually like to Steampunk a good portion of my wardrobe.
  • I actually look forward to going to the comic book store with Brett and Adeline.
  • History is my friend.
  • I enjoy talking to dead people ( ok that might be more creepy than nerdy).
  • I revel in the fact that my friends are way smarter than I am. And I brag about their smartness.
  • My glasses are a necessity, not an accessory. Damn hipsters.
  • I've never seen an episode of: the bachelor, a desperate anything, one tree who gives a shit, dancing with the sellouts, etc...
  • I do watch, and repeatedly watch: firefly, finding bigfoot, the walking dead, the big bang theory, and add here anything related to cryptozoology.
  • I can almost understand half of the crap my husband says about dragons, and video games. It has been a steady progression, but I've come a long way.
  • Mentioned it elsewhere, but I never, ever, ever, played sports in school. I did play the alto saxophone in the school band though.

Throughout high school I was more of a closet nerd, I now embrace every little bit of nerdy-ness. Because I am a firm believer that nerds make the world go round. Believe it. If you doubt it, put down your iPhone right now, or walk away from your computer screen. Don't hop in your fuel efficient car, dont update your facebook status, don't tweet, maybe snag a smart water, youre gonna need it.

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