Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Very Jonesy Christmas

I have had a few requests for decor photos, so that people can see what was making me so damn batty the last few weeks. Er, I mean so that they could see my decorations and be magically inspired to follow my lead.

Our theme this year kinda mixed traditional, rustic, and vintage kitsch. I was rather inspired by Martha Stewart's Winterberry line sold at Home Depot. But? I didn't feel like spending my mortgage payment on her brand so I did my own spin off, it's called "Dingleberry" sold, nowhere. Totally kidding, our decorations rock this year. Here is a peek at our Very Jonesy Christmas:

 Let's start with the tree (after Christmas clearance allowed us to score a 9ft tree for $40...omg right?!). I find it equally important to note that Brett strung all of the lights without so much as a step stool. Hello Sasquatch. 

As per my previous blog posts I kinda have a weird obsession with owls so naturally one is roosting as tree topper this year:

And as we pan around here are some other compilations in the very Jonesy Christmas:

Penguins made it into the mix this year as well:

I was simply elated to just mix in our existing decor:

I really don't see what the problem would be in mixing non -traditional items, like this old globe, a shiny apple, and a random teapot for good measure:

Dining room spread, some of the complimenting characters? A set of vintage penguin nesting dolls, brass butterflies, and a horse head. Every centerpiece needs a horse head. Duh:

Adeline even got into the spirit and made a pinecone ornament, which is chilling next to the cutest red bird ever. He has a winter cap on... Dawwwwwww:

These are my last minute/yet super meaningful decorations I threw together. These picks sticking out of the hurricane vases? They are old Guinness beer coasters straight from Kenmare, Ireland. They are from the first stop we made while on the island, and in Killarney park. I had to pee like no other, so the kind folks at a gift shop (that wasn't even open) let me in to use the facilities. Brett and I didn't want to be "those people" who pee and run so we bought a set of like 50 coasters (whoa right?). Anywho, it had 3 Christmas coasters in the set so I made them a part of our decor. Ah memories: 

Apparently drinking Guinness will make you strong enough to lift a large tree, just like Santa. That's odd, it just makes me dance like an idiot and tell really dumb stories. My Goodness My Guinness indeed!

I also made a ton, like I was unstoppable (until I ran out of supplies) water less snow globes. Saw them in the Martha Stewart holiday mag...damn you Martha Stewart. But after a little online research learned several people have made these, so I stole ideas from them all and created our own:

Hindsight - don't shake just before taking a picture.

And yes, that is Priscilla the piggy bank. She recently made her debut on this blog. Remember?
So, there you have it - A VERY JONESY CHRISTMAS. Want to duplicate? Well, good luck. I just spent the last 3 weeks randomly pulling these ideas from... my CHRISTMAS THINKING CAP. What, did you think I was going to say my ass? 

Happy Holidays Yall. (Y'all?Ya'll?). Ugh, whatever. 

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